Saturday, December 01, 2007

This is a Bad Person

And we certainly do not need her to be President. But come on, I keep telling y'all to drop the past criminal behavior and treason from when she was a kid. We are all too aware that she WAS a radical and attended Communist meetings and hung out with nothing but Communists. That was almost forty years ago. And yes, the Clintons are criminals in my opinion, Hell, her husband was IMPEACHED and DISBARRED! over a sexual harassment suit in Arkansas. And the judge was someone HE appointed! Damn, can't they just go away? Can you help them to go away?

Yes, there are thousands upon thousands of really itchy things that she has done and most intelligent people know that. But to bring up the stuff forty years ago?

Why not concentrate on the illegal things that she did when she was First Lady? There are literally hundreds. Doesn't that better show who the Hell she is? (Filegate, Travelgate, Whitewater, Cattle Futures, Firing of ALL the Federal lawyers guys/gals, John Huang, Billing Records, ad naseum.....)

Why not concentrate on once again, the illegal Chinese fundraising that has started already in 2007? Don't you think that is more applicable? Yes, Hillary has already gotten caught getting illegal Chinese contributions and has returned money, what you didn't know? Damn, it was actually in the Los Angeles Times. That was a shocker, but I think that they are endorsing Mike Gravel.

It seems that the Clintons are once again tangled up with the Chinese pay-offs and they are trying to get around the $1000.00 limit on personal contributions by convincing the wealthy criminal elements to give contribution money to dishwashers and busboys in restaurants in Chinatown. TIME did a piece on November 2, 2007 trying to justify and explain away the irregularities of the contributions. Doesn't that throw up red flags?

Please tell me that you are not so stupid as to actually be thinking of voting for this person.

Links for those of you who don't believe me: LA Times, M&C News, NY Post,

Oh, okay, one Communist LINK.