Friday, November 30, 2007

What You're Stupid, Right? (More Math)

Let's get a couple of things straight. Labor Unions and their extortion have killed the skilled and unskilled labor force in this country and sent manufacturing jobs overseas. The Left's push to tax businesses at exorbitant rates has FORCED businesses to relocate their manufacturing facilities to places where they can get cheap labor and make a profit. This is simple to understand, right?

People do not start businesses because they want to offer healthcare to other people, business owners start businesses to make money, understand? I would think that this is common knowledge, but I guess that it is not. Financial policy decisions are NOT mutually exclusive, Hell, immigration policy probably figures in there, too, which brings us to the point of this post.

My ongoing discussions with people that are of the opposite political persuasion than me sometimes brings on trains of thought where I have to flesh out my confusion, but labor union and trade policy are not in one of these areas. To think that someone makes twenty seven dollars an hour to roll a piece of tape around some wires just makes me laugh. You wonder why your Cherokee costs 32k and you can get a Mazda SUV for much less? It's because of labor unions and the organized crime that runs those labor unions. What? You didn't know that the labor unions were run by criminals? You forgot that Jimmy Hoffa Jr. was the President of the Teamsters and he is a thug? Come on, folks! Labor unions are a protection racket and they always have been. You have to stay informed, this is costing you much money.

Anyhoo, there have been thousands of pieces of legislation that were specifically designed to address a bunch of ongoing problems in the manufacturing arena. And every single piece has done the exact opposite of what was intended. Why? It is because the people that run our government do it for one reason, to make money. And they do not care who they hurt in the process.

Why do illegals jump the fence, swim the river, and cross the desert? To make money. Do you see a recurring pattern here? Would anyone brave a fence, river, and desert just to get free healthcare? (this is in essence making money, too) Maybe, both I'm guessing that they do it for the money mostly.

Let's do the refresher courses in Economics 101. A minimum wage has one effect on income. It reduces it for everyone that makes more than minimum wage and just gives the minimum wage earner at best a break even point, PLUS, it creates higher unemployment in the process. Anyone that says, "I want to give the people a living wage!" is a moron and is pandering to other morons. If you increase the cost of the lowest paid employee to a particular level, you raise the total cost of the product that person makes by that exact same percentile. This snowballs a bunch of stuff, namely the cost of purchasing that product (by the same percentile) by people that make more than minimum wage. This happens because everyone didn't get that same raise, only the lowest paid employees, remember? So, milk goes up by 14% a gallon, while the higher paid employee's income goes up by nothing, thus costing him more to buy that same milk. Easy.....

Simply put, every time that the minimum wage is increased, you raise the number of illegals, the number of unemployed citizens, and lower the spending power of people that make more than minimum wage, plus you increase the profits made by the criminals that run labor unions and subsequently give the bribed elected officials that receive their money from the labor unions. What, you don't believe your Federal government elected guys and gals are bribed? How do you think that elected officials become millionaires on 180k a year while maintaining two households and one in Washington DC, an area with costs of living somewhere near the one in San Francisco? Does this make sense to you, the person with any intelligence at all?

Now, as this Presidential and Congressional election year progresses, remember to vote against anyone that says they are FOR labor and a higher minimum wage. Vote your conscience and your pocketbook, do it for me and my pocketbook.

Note: No, our elected officials do not live in DC, they live right outside in Virginia and Maryland, where there is no crime and you can carry a gun. They want to stay away from the folks that actually live in DC and are dirt poor because of DC's idiotic policy decisions. Hell, who wouldn't?