Friday, November 30, 2007

Vote Me Up A Whale Name - Only Part Ever

Today has been pretty productive AND I got to sneak in a thirty minute nap later on this afternoon. It was awesome. I have carried on a debate with another blog FRIEND throughout the day and was overjoyed when I found an election on the Greenpeace website that we can probably agree on.

Since I am Tongan, we usually just call whales, "food" which means "food," but you Americans, y'all are weird about naming animals and stuff. Go HERE, vote and guess what my vote was.

(Hat-Tip: Kissing Suzy Kolber)

UPDATE: Somewhere, in the world, REAL SOON, there's going to be whale named "Mr. Splashy Pants."

Note: I have no idea what in the Hell a Tongan is or where they are from, it was just the first whale recipe site that I found and it just doesn't interest me enough to find out anything about them. But damn, I want to eat some whale now. Those whale steaks looked great.