Friday, December 07, 2007

Oh, Good Goobledeegoo!

As much of the country draws their line in the sand regarding their chosen candidate, I am just now starting my search for anyone that remotely appeals to me. In my search, I have found numerous things that completely disqualify most of the candidates in my opinion. I have not even scratched the surface of the ones that are basically out of the race because of their numbers or their spaceship spying days, but of the front runners Barry Obama is the one that gives me the willies the most, except of course, Clinton, but let's not go there.

I am terrified of this guy. I believe that he would have a much better chance of winning than Hillary because the Democrats would back him to the hilt to ensure FOREVER their dominance of the Black vote. I am making a huge value judgment here, but the Black population has been misled by everyone that has assumed the helm of the "Black Leadership." These "Leaders" have done nothing to raise the standard of living in Black communities, but they have gotten rich. Futhermore, I cannot fathom why the Republican Party has allowed the racism stigma to be attached to them when for the entire history of the Democrat Party, they are the party of the racists and still are.

Of course, today in my local rag, Bill Minor (yes, that is the lying turd in the photo) wrote yet another article that delves into the racism that used to overwhelm our state. Article is HERE. The article is entitled, "Obituary didn't mention segregationist group deceased led." What Mr. Minor's article fails to even acknowledge is that the people in that segregationist group were a bunch of elected Democrats, then and now, and every last one of them was. That shared racism is what has kept the Democrat Party in power in Mississippi at the local level, even until today. Gotta keep the Black folks in their place. Also, every single political figure he cites as being a racist was a Democrat and they still are or their surviving family members are. You see, Minor writes all the damn time about Dixiecrats and then says that they moved to the Republican Party. As I have proven time and time again, that is bullshit and he knows it because they were, and still are, all his damn friends and his son's friends. (Disclaimer: I am not at all saying that Bill Minor is a racist, he may love the chocolate, much like I do, but I do not know him. I'm saying that he is a liar.)

That one little media hiccup is what scares me about Barry Obama, the candidate. He will be able to get the media to bend over and basically spread for him because they know that he will deliver the Black vote to the Democrats. And he is too damn stupid to know that they are using him for their BOY. Once the Party of the Racists is elected, they will do the exact same things that they have always done, kill business by lawsuits and taxation to line their own damn pockets, increase unemployment because of that, lose tax income because of that, have to raise taxes because of that, increase unemployment some more because of that, start downsizing the military to make up for that, and damn near collapse the economy of the entire damn world. The group that gets it in the ass the worst will be the poor folks, many of whom are Black. The middle class will survive by cutting back and working more to the detriment of families. That is exactly how it has happened in the past.

Why do you think that there is so much talk of guaranteed income and five thousand dollar savings accounts? It is because the Democrats are fully aware what their fiscal policies do to the poor and they do not give a shit. We, the producers, will be forced to shoulder the burden of their stupidity and the Republican Party has bent over and taken it. That is why I am pissed at Republicans. They are supposed to be Pro-Business, tax cutters, and military supporters. They have not done that recently, not since Reagan, but he was hampered by a Democrat Congress for most of his tenure.

Whoever utters the words, "the Bushes are conservative" has no idea what the word means now. Damn, another one of those words mean something things. That's coming up a lot in my life lately.

My only hope in this scenario is that there are enough of the racists still in the Democrat Party, that haven't been run out by the hippies to the Constitution Party, to keep Barry from winning the nomination and deliver the big states to Clinton. I do not think that she can win against a strong Republican, if we can find one.

Luckily when the lying scumbag from Arkansas got elected, the teabagging and the cocaine crazed lesbian/gay orgies that went on for two years kept them from actually wrecking the country and we had a revolution from the producers because we were scared shitless. It ain't gonna happen this time and that is why I am scared. There is not one single candidate running for President in the Republican Party that can deliver the media except John McCain and the media will turn on him when the general election comes around because they want to grow government. It is job security for them.

Now, who can show me the Republican to beat Barry?

This is the comment that I left on Minor's column. For some reason, I think that the paper will take it down. Needless to say, mine is the ONLY comment, nobody reads that paper but me.