Friday, December 07, 2007

This News is Golden

THIS is nuts. Remember when the state that gave us the Kennedys decided it was a Constitutional Right for homosexuals to wed? Did you even doubt that we would get to hear non-stop about their divorce rate being lower or non-existent? Well, we were wrong.

I haven't compiled the figures, but surprisingly enough, the divorce rate of homosexuals is going to be much higher, it appears at first scratch. Who would have thought that? Oh, I dunno, maybe every single person on the face of the planet that isn't gay?

Until, I started looking at this, simply because I cannot look away, I had no idea that almost every single industrialized country has passed legislation that allows homosexuals to wed. Does that offer a correlation to machines and stupidity? Methinks, probably.

THIS one is from Great Britain. Darryl said: "We were really proud to be one of the first couples to have the service and we had a great six months but then things went wrong. Darryl, old friend, you should have noticed that when on your wedding night, you spent two hours staring at the headboard.

THIS one's from Canada. Two women, who had been in a committed relationship, got married, and then seperated five DAYS later. Uh, that has the longevity and staying power of a Britney decision, girls.

HERE's the first gay divorce from Great Britain. Two months.

SPAIN. And these dudes divorced after one had even given up his modeling career as well as his dog grooming business. "Damn, Kevin, I have given up everything!"


Yes, there are literally TONS of these on Google. HERE.

Do I find this funny? Not in the least. Any human can tell you that it was to be expected.

(Hat-Tip: Don Surber)