Sunday, December 09, 2007

Oh, Just Dammit

Since we roll up the sidewalks at dark-thirty here in Sweet Home Mississippi, I was not awake when the Heisman winner was announced. Immediately upon waking, I reached over and grabbed my phone to see who won. Dammit, the racists of the committee pulled a fast one on D-Mac.

While searching for images of the best college football player ever to touch a big, White guy's butt, I was astonished to find, TIM TEBOW IS BLACK! Shown here with his mother and baby sister, it all comes to me now just why he is good at football. Well, I guess that I am okay with him being the best in the history of college football.

(Note: This is completely untrue. Every damn bit of it, including the part about me being okay with it. I bet Dan LeFevour isn't okay with it either, since his quarterbacking numbers were BETTER than Tebow's. Oh, you don't know who Dan LeFevour is? Then you probably shouldn't have a Heisman vote, either.)