Sunday, January 13, 2008

ABC Idiot Poll

ABC has posted an idiotic poll trying to do something like idiots do and normal people have no idea what that is.

The questions were:
1. Do you think about Iraq? (most people couldn't place it on a damn map)
2. Is there healthcare? (hey, they're going give me free stuff)
3. What is economy? (we need a higher minimum wage)

But seriously do you think for one second that the Two Dogs line that has maintained at a constant 100% for an astonishing forty-three years now could maybe be thrown into the mix?

Maybe ABC could change the Iraq question to something like, "Do you think that there are Muslims that will blow themselves up to kill children and need to die a very hideous death at the hands of our military?"

Or on the economy, "Do you think that you would do better keeping most of your income and would you like to abolish the idiotic Social Security crap that helps no one?"

Or how about this, "Do you honestly think that there is a single politician that could come up with any medical insurance policy that would be worth a shit?"

I can only imagine the morons and the actual number of said morons that ABC called.