Monday, January 14, 2008

Captain Obvious Reports: Muslims Fight Women and Children

The more that I read of these news items, the madder that I get. "Hey, why don't we get our military out of the Middle East and all of these attacks will stop!"

The people that actually believe this nonsense should never be allowed to vote. Does it ever dawn on those idiots that think that we are the cause of this bloodshed, that the Muslims are simply following what their distorted "religious" book is telling them to do? They are following the teaching of Moooooolhammit, that tells them to slay the infidels at all times, oh, and to have sex with children.

Yet again, the revered Religion of Peace sends one of their savages into a place crowded with women and children because they are soooo religious and wouldn't want to hurt soldiers. Thank Allah that their religion states only that they can attack helpless people in their jihad, otherwise it might be over in exactly one second. Story HERE.

It always strikes me as odd that the AP's reporters never interview someone that says anything like, "Muslims always attack the areas where they know that there are few soldiers, it's like they are the most spineless cowards ever created by Satan."

The AP reporter ran home to tell his Taliban gay lover about the attack, who promptly claimed responsibility, then they had sex just like they always do, covered entirely in pig grease.

Anyway, attack number one billion is logged by those slodeydopes in the attempt to scare people into submission. Please don't forget that Islam means "peace."

Add: Morons that want to withdraw from the Middle East fail to acknowledge one glaring fact: Muslim attacks on innocent civilians have happened in the United States, Israel, Great Britain, Italy, Spain, Russia, France, Morocco, Indonesia, the Netherlands, Turkey, every single country in the Middle East, all in Africa, and the list goes on and on. As a matter of fact, I cannot find one country on the planet that has not had an attack on innocents by the bloodthirsty savage Muslims. Doesn't there have to be ONE? So, your argument cuts exactly NO DAMN ICE AT ALL! Asshole.

One of the parents of a sailor killed on the USS Cole by Muslims has written a letter to President Saleh of Yemen. Go read it HERE, right now.

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