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Blackuary One - 2008

On this day, Blackuary 1, in the year 1948, an American music legend was born. Christened James Ambrose Johnson, Jr, he came to be known as Rick James, BITCH. Born in Buffalo, Rick rose to popularity during the late 1970's and held his popularity well into the 1980's.

AWOL from the Naval Reserves at age 16, Rick James fled to Canada. Upon his return to the States, he served one year in the Brooklyn Brig.

And the rest, as we say, is history. Supafreak.

This is the lunch counter from the Woolworth's in Greensboro, North Carolina. No, it's housed in a museum, dumbass. Obviously you know that in 1960 (Rick was twelve), this counter was segregated.

Four students from nearby North Carolina Agricultural & Technical College came in and staged a sit-in. David Richmond, Joseph McNeil, Franklin McCain, and Ezell A. Blair Jr (who was so ashamed of his father's name that he became known as Jibreel Khazan) plopped their happy asses at that segregated counter to peacefully protest. They were refused service but allowed to sit there. Nothing bad really happened to them other than not receiving any service.

The next day twenty-four students showed up and the same thing happened. No service, but nothing else really happened.

In the next few months, the peaceful protest occurred in fifty-four cities in nine different states. Before July of the same year, those very same protesters were served lunch at that very same counter. Seems that the counter was losing a bunch of damn money, so Woolworth's capitulated without any government intervention at all.

Oh, North Carolina is in the South, by the way. In 1960, Blacks still couldn't eat at the same counters as Whites in New York City.

So problem solved? Hardly.

There were many more "peaceful protests" that did not go so swimmingly. Most were not so peaceful. Rather than allowing Capitalism to work, as it always does, Democrat lawmakers demanded that the Blacks be put in their place. In every single area where an incidence of violence occurred, the government was controlled by the Democrat Party. Every single one.

Because of the original peaceful protest by four college kids and other folks that you have never heard of, but will by the end of the month, the Republican Party decided to push legislation for equal civil rights for Blacks. Do not ever get the idea that any of this legislation was made possible by Democrats, in fact they filibustered indefinitely against every piece of civil rights legislation offered.

Al Gore Senior was voted out of office for his votes against the Civil Rights Acts. Junior, the global-warming maniac, once stated that his dad lost his job over Civil Rights, but our mainstream press simply let that slide by never reporting which side of the issue Senior was on. And it is now accepted by stupid people that he was for equal rights for all. Check the votes, I did immediately after Junior made that statement. HERE's an article about that, by a Black guy, too.

Today, the NAACP gives a one hundred (100%) percent rating to the Democrat that led the filibustering against the Civil Rights Acts, Senator Robert Byrd (Dumbass-VW). One of Byrd's closest allies in Congress was a guy named Lyndon Baines Johnson, who became the President and signed most of the Civil Rights legislation. Oddly enough, both of these gentlemen fought hard to keep John F. Kennedy from being elected President simply because they thought that he was changing his mind on civil rights. Yeah, Kennedy voted against the Civil Rights Act of 1957. Do remember that Kennedy was also the one that ordered wire taps on Dr. King. (Just as an aside, guess what Lyndon Johnson called Dr. King in 1967? Yep, "that Nigger preacher." Read THIS now and then come back. I mean it, Bean, click the damn link and then come back.)

Since the 1960's, everyone has forgotten the very people that tried to keep Blacks from being offered equality in this country. There has been much talk of all of the racists moving to the Republican Party. That is a lie and it is easily checked, but most people are too lazy to do that. The people that chose the wrong side of the issue are all lock, stock, and barrel, still in the Democrat Party and have been elected since the 1980's by Black folks. Black folks that still have never taken the time to learn the truth, they just blindly follow the herd of sheeple. The sheeple, like Jesse and Al, that get rich by turning their head and allowing the avowed racists to push them whichever way they please, for the money, of course.

However, the Democrats did understand the significance of removing the need to achieve success individually, so they countered Civil Rights legislation with Welfare, Medicaid, and Medicare. And we all know how that turned out, huh?

Exactly ten years after the first sit-in was staged, this was one of the top tunes on the charts. Wonder why?

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