Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Economy - The Truth

Every Presidential election year, when the White House is occupied by a Republican, all kinds of stories about how bad the economy is move above the fold in your local paper. There is only one reason that I can ascertain. It is because traditional print media continues to lose more market share to upstart media outlets and they do not like it. Traditional media does better when they have access to the Administration and Democrats offer more stories regarding the Jerry Springer-type stuff that generates additional paper sales. The newspapers may claim to hate Capitalism, but they have to stay in business and the only way for them to do that is sell papers.

And we want to read those stories about the leader of the free world getting a hummer from an intern. Yes, it is our fault.

In the past two weeks, there has been continual carping about a recession, but it ain't true, no matter what The New York Times says. A recession is DEFINED as "when the economy is reduced in two successive quarters. This has not happened in twenty-six years, y'all. True, the economy has been slowing for a little over a year, which corresponds exactly with when the Democrats regained control of Congress. Wonder why?

We have to be honest here. Democrats stifle business. They are anti-Capitalism and everyone knows that unfettered business opportunities put more money in your pocket. Okay, for those on the Left, it also generates more revenues for Congress to waste to save whales, too. So everyone wins.

Do you even know that tax revenues were actually INCREASED by the tax cuts proposed by Bush? Yes, it has happened now, ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of the time that tax cuts have been implemented. There was one small problem. Congress knows that when tax cuts are implemented, revenues increase, so they went and added an additional forty-one (41%) percent in expenditures. And yes, Congress was controlled by the Republicans at the time. And Bush signed the appropriation bills.

Anyhoo, back to the economy. The numbers from the final quarter of 2007 were released yesterday and just as I expected, the economy continues to grow. Yes, the growth is small, but it is still growth, so therefore, no recession.

Sorry, Washington Post, YOU defined "recession." You cannot change the definition to fit what you want. That is not the way it works.

"That depends on what the definition of "is" is. Sorry, I don't think so, Scooter.

I'll throw out a random bit of history here. Back in the 1880's, the was a new move underfoot to begin the urbanization of this country. People that live in big cities have one glaring flaw, they think as a mob. They never practice the rugged individuality that made this country great. No, they grab onto the rail in the subway, keep their head down and go about their business without one thought about the fact that they have become hogs in a boxcar. There exists no pioneer spirit in those cities, they do as everyone else does and never establish any kind of widening of their circle. Creativity is stifled from that environment.

It finally happened less than ten years ago. People living in large cities finally outnumber those living outside of those metro areas. The spirit of individualism has turned into the mentality of "let's all get along to get along."

No less than forty-eight (48%) percent of our population thinks that they are worse off now than four years ago. People, that is idiotic. You know for a fact that you make more money now, but for some reason, you do not see that as doing better because you look to others and they say that they are not doing better.

What's the problem? You know what it is, even if you will not admit it. You are terrified because you cannot say what is on your mind and you are forever worried about the thought police showing up because you think things that have become unacceptable in our society because of the anti-free speech Left.

You are afraid to say that you are sick and damn tired of having to ante up your hard earned money to help those "less fortunate" than yourselves. Get a grip, were you born into the Kennedy clan? Hell, no, your parents barely scraped by for your entire life and you wore hand-me-downs just like everybody else. Well, unless you were the oldest.

Understand, the guy that hangs out on the corner of your urban neighborhood, the one that is going to ask you for a dollar, is a damn bum. He doesn't work because he drank himself into a stupor. It is probably NOT because he was subjected to horrendous war crimes while in Vietnam, either.

Oh, shit, he was abused by his family? Dammit, we all were, quit being a damn pansy.

And the economy grew by almost two (2%) last quarter. No recession.

UPDATE: Bill Clinton voices his wife's idea for our economy. "Slow it down to fight Global Warming."

Chances are good that you won't hear that on the Nightly News.

Open your damn mouth.