Thursday, January 17, 2008

Drive-By Blogging

These are babies. Don't you just want to make those blowing sounds on their stomachs? Too cute. "Touchdown! Yayyyyy!" They are the absolute apex of innocent. When you make the mistake of actually blogging about morality and abortion and Catholicism, morons have a tendency to materialize from the anal ring of Satan.

"Hey, you moron, Two Dogs, how can you be anti-abortion and still think that the death penalty is good? Those are direct contradictions with that, that, book that you Nazis read. Hahahaha, racist."

I edited those comments to make sense to someone that can actually read, bunch of cussing there.

"Well, Mr/Mrs/Undecided, that distinction is very simple for someone that has substance separating their ears."

The above photograph depicts babies. They are fully formed humans, albeit very small ones, that simply cannot protect themselves. They are completely innocent and have done absolutely nothing to deserve punishment of any sort. Babies. For you animal rights activists, they are the puppy of the human genus. The human harbor seal. Do not club them.

Spell it with me: B-A-B-I-E-S. Got it? Gooooood.

This is Tookie Williams. You do NOT want to blow on his stomach. He was the last one of the Hollywood lost-causes to be the point of anti-death penalty madness. Luckily, he is no longer of this world, hopefully Hell has a special place for his kind. I know, that is un-Christian-like, but I am not complete yet. I am trying to be the Shepherd, though, says so right up at the top of this blog, so it's gotta be true. This guy was a founding member of the "Crips," an LA-based gang of emasculated little whining cry-babies that deal drugs, objectify women, and are generally bad men.

Spell it with me. K-I-L-L-E-R-S. Got it? Gooooood.

They are to normal people what Christians are to idiots.

Tookie robbed a store and brutally murdered the shop-keeper, his wife, and their daughter. He is not a baby, nor is he innocent of the crimes. He also laughed about the sounds that one of the victim's blood made as it gurgled from his lifeless body. Never was there any dispute of his guilt of these crimes. Again, not innocent.

There exist no parallels between Tookie Williams and a baby, other than the fact that Tookie was a baby at one time and maintained the same behavior until his execution.

Now, the morality of the situation for all you dimwits that do not understand logic.


Tookie Williams=Brutal murdering killer, drug-dealing, pimping murdering killer, killer, killer.

Need more explanation? Man, you are dense.

This argument has absolutely nothing to do with whether the death penalty is the denial of G-d's judgment. It has to do with the judgment of man. It has to do with "What you do to the least, you do to me." Tookie, or other killers, should be kept from killing the innocent population. In this instance, innocent can be taken to mean humans that are guilty of nothing other than living their daily lives.

If you simply must pervert your secular thinking to take a biblical view of this, all the time, having never even touched a Bible, it is honoring G-d by making his judgment on this murderer even quicker without having to allow Tookie, or his brethren, to use G-d-like judgment on people just going to work. Hey! Just being a good Nazi Christian and offering my G-d someone to pass judgment on. Kinda like a burnt offering, just not with sheep.

My comment on another blog was this: The two are as much alike as cotton candy and spaceships, I am so witty. If you require further explanation, just comment and we'll try to work it out.