Thursday, January 17, 2008

More Facts Regarding Everything

Define: recession. A real decline in GNP over two consecutive quarters. Translation? This means that our Gross National Product (GNP) gets SMALLER over two quarters or a six month period, this is NOT a reduction of growth, it means an actual decline. When was the last time this happened? Not in the last 26 years. There may be times where the economy has slowed within this time frame, meaning GROWTH has waned, but it has never shown a negative movement in TWENTY-SIX FRIGGIN' YEARS! The Left defines spending cuts in much the same fashion. If expenditures are slated for a 25% increase and fiscal Conservatives cut that increase by 24%, it is a spending cut to Leftists, even though it is actually a spending increase.

Why do you think that there is all this talk about the economy slowing? It's because the major news outlets do not like Capitalism. They want a monopoly on what information you are allowed to see and they want to handle that. They do not want the Intersphere, talk radio, conservative publications, or any talk that sheds a positive light on individualism. Therefore, the national media consistently votes for people that are anti-business without even a regard for what happens when government stifles business. Uphappy, sick, stupid, and poor people are the lifeblood of our national news media. And they will stop at nothing to achieve their goals.

I got into a penis length contest (me by at least 100%) with a commenter on another blog about abortion and teen pregnancy and she stated that teen pregnancy and abortion are on the decline. While that would be good news to most people, it is simply not true.

The entire state of California has not produced those statistics since 1998. Hence, the very reason for the decline. Most folks when looking at those stats would see that California refuses to cooperate and go, "Hmmmm, when the state with the highest teen pregnancy and abortion rate doesn't give us those numbers, we can't say that these numbers are declining." But the news media doesn't do that because they want to give your fourth grade kids some condoms and teach them how to screw. PROOF from the CDC. I do know that my link goes to the National Right to Life statistics page. Do we trust them more than NARAL, NOW, and Planned Parenthood? Yes, of course we do and they actually show PP's stats right alongside the CDC's. (Notice that Planned Parenthood's stats are almost 100% HIGHER than CDC's. Why? Because both groups are morons.)

Coupled with the fact that CDC's page is completely disorienting and you can barely get the pop-ups for Viagra to stop even though you are running three pop-up blockers and F-Secure. Why are there pop-ups for Viagra on CDC's page?

Congress and baseball. Back in the day when Congress was nothing but men that could steal without any problem, the elected guys liked to sit sround and talk about guy things. This was before guys stopped being guys. They decided that they would vote themselves a command of baseball so they could get ball players to come to Congress and talk about baseball and get paid for talking about baseball. Yeah, it had something to do with monopolies and stuff, but it was mainly guys wanting to take time out of their day to talk about sports because at the time the Congressmen were normal guys.

When this touchy-feely stuff started happening, guys stopped being guys and started being little, whiney, sissy-boys. Name the three guys that have been in the news the most lately. I say Barry Obama, John Edwards, and Ron Paul. Sissy, sissy, sissy. Did that make my point? Why is Fred Thompson not in the news more? Because all male journalists are scared of him because he is a normal guy.

Did you see the video where Duncan Hunter walked onto Chris Matthews set while he was taping? Matthews almost grabbed his purse and started screaming. After Hunter walked off, Chrissy had to reapply his make-up. Sissy.

All that said, who are the most emasculated men that you have ever seen? Gangster rappers. Think about this. They basically push their pants down so they can show their underwear like the girls with the tramp stamp. Rappers are just missing the whale-tail poking up. Rappers wear forty-seven different pieces of jewelry, all of which look like something a fairy tale princess would wear. They wear scarves all over their body, jeweled sunglasses, spend half of their time designing clothes, cars, scents, and jewelry. Need I say more?