Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Drive-by Posting

Less than two days left until Blackuary. I am so excited, because I have a bunch of philosophical stuff stored up, as well as racism dealing with the upcoming elections and other accumulated topics. It's so hard to ignore Black people for eleven months especially when you are engaged to one. But, I am a moderate and I do what moderates do, we capitulate all the time to the loudest squeaking.

A quick note for those of you who decide from the heart. I know that you have everyone's best interest at heart, but thinking things through to a logical conclusion is always the best route. Things that seem compassionate at the onset towards the weakest among us, are usually very detrimental in the long run to those very same people.

Hard choices are exactly that, HARD CHOICES. Watching a child suffering from hunger is probably the most terrible sight that you could ever experience, but the route to helping that child might not be to simply hand him a box of McNuggets, there might be a better way to ensure that he/she can survive after the McNuggets are gone.

Screw the comments, this is a drive-by.