Sunday, January 06, 2008

Hooray for Google - Part 08-0106

Well, there is an awful lot of talk about his resignation and Hawaii's sudden STARK RAVING CRAZY attempt to keep him with an offer of 1.7 mil. I am guessing that I am the only person that even thinks about sports at all. Hey, June is the winningest coach in the history of Rainbow Warriors Football. WOW!

Yes, June is in Texas. To talk to another program that is sitting there with a loaded gun pointed at their head. Good luck, SMU, you are going to need it if you hire this loser.


MUD said...

College Coaches making millions of dollars is just plain stupid. There should be a limit that keeps the coach from making more than the President of the university. Kind of like the Civil Service reg that keeps everyone from making more than the President. MUD

Paul Mitchell said...

MUD, I don't have a problem with coaches making even trillions of dollars if their performance is up to the task. June Jones is such a terrible coach that there should never be a word spoken of him, but since ESPN gave him loads of fluffing this year, people won't actually check his record.

Having returned to college after a long absence to receive my degree in 2003, I have a monumental problem with college professors even receiving a paycheck, though. Never have I met that many morons in one place, it looked like a Sierra Club convention and one of my professors was the President of the Mississippi Chapter. But that is another story.