Monday, January 07, 2008

More Site News

Well, I got the Haloscan Comments and Trackbacks installed and added "Digg" and "" to the main page and the post pages, but I'm still trying to get "Stumble" to work. I also have to figure out how to make those js tags a whole bunch smaller and get them all in line, I have a couple of feelers out to folks to let me know how to do that. I have no clue what in the Hell those tags even do, just keep clicking those links like you always do and I get mo' traffic. And YOU win free cars and loads of money and trips and stuff.......every time that you click and add a referral or rating. Because it is all about YOU, dear constant blog patron. Someone should always benefit from what is my awesomeness. And I prefer that to be you, as always.

As far as commenting goes, I would prefer you to use the Haloscan, I get them on my phone, Blogger doesn't do that, and I try to respond to each one, because that shows good manners. You take the time to comment, I take the time to respond because I appreciate the comments, that is one huge reason why I post.

Also, notice that I have added an Atom and an RSS feed. Again, I have no idea what the Hell that does, but that is how I post and read blogs from my phone. You should do that, too. Because that is what rich, cool people do. I think that is how they make money, but I am not quite sure on that yet. But making money makes hot chicks like you, I do know that.

I have yet to figure out the font changes in the template to make things even further modified, javascript befuddles the crap outta me because I haven't tried it too damn much. I personally think that page is better, if not for you, then certainly for me. I can actually modify from the page itself instead of having to log in to Blogger and make changes that way, because I set "The Lazy Bar" at an all time high. Yes, there is actually a slider bar that lets me set the "lazyness" standard on my blog. Right now, the slider is at nine, I haven't fallen completely into the abyss.

Next thing that I shall do is to start modifying the other site links. If you want on the blogroll, raise your hand. Remember, I get an awful lot of hate mail, do you want that in your life? If you do, I will link your blog all the time, I read an awful lot of blogs in my free time and try to link whomever wants it. Do you want it?

Because it really is all about you. Or maybe, it's me. And finally, THIS is what my blog is going to look like in the future.

Last, but not least, since I am destined to be with Bean, THIS is for gnutcase, who desperately needs it.