Monday, January 07, 2008

Top Ten Excuses Why tOSU Lost Big Time

10. The NCAA wouldn't let us bring our lucky referees. (You can change this to read, "LSU got all the calls.")

9. It was basically a home game for LSU.

8. Tressel was too hot in the Superdome in his sweater vest.

7. We had the wind at/in our back/face. Whaddaya mean we were inside?

6. They did something to the turf after the first quarter.

5. We had no idea that LSU could PASS/RUN the ball!

4. LSU didn't get the memo to not tackle Wells.

3. When did they start penalizing for personal fouls?

2. The Four Letter Network picked us to win. (as usual)

And the number ONE excuse why tOSU lost big time is.....

tOSU is not very good at football!

Yes, my post was very stupid, but nowhere near as stupid as the Ivan Maisel/Pat Forde debate on the four letter why Ohio State/LSU would win. HERE. They get paid to break down sports, too. IT IS THEIR DAMN JOB!

Again, I say, I am an SEC Homer. But, I kinda have a reason to be, it seems that again, the SEC is the best conference in the land. Hey, let the bickering start about the "co-champions" crap.