Monday, January 14, 2008

More Universal Healthcare Crap

In my local paper today there was an article about prisoner healthcare and the cost. Current cost per day for a DAMN PRISONER is $2.77 per day.

John "Silky Pony" Edwards says that he has a plan to provide our country of 300,000,000 people UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE for a mere one hundred billion per year. That amounts to a whopping NINETY-ONE CENTS A DAY PER PERSON!

Uncle Clem said to me, "I'm tellin' ya' boy, that sissy-boy Edwards, he's magic. He got m' damn vote."

Anyhoo, one more thing regarding UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE that has come to mind for me is this: If I need a new liver, can I just pay my Congressman and I'll get it? You know it, Scooter.

If there are such widespread pay-offs and lobbying that corrupts our elected officials, why would healthcare be any different? Hey, Senator Byrd, my Black friend, Toby, needs a kidney. What do you think that answer would be? And you would be right, sir.

UPDATE: Another something occurred to me as I wrote the post above about abortion. Since we have become a nation of political correctness, do you think that a normal, heterosexual woman would be able to receive fertility treatments with a nationalized healthcare program? Yeah, right. You would be last in line behind the gay man that was getting his AZT treatments, the woman that was receiving her abortion, and the person that was receiving his Methadone treatments. We have failed on this front and I, for one, want no damn part of it.