Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Abortion: Right or Wrong?

With the major national elections looming on the horizon, a lot of political opinions climb out of the sewer. Higher taxes, more give-away programs, ridiculous uses of our military, criminal aliens, and yes, abortion. There are a bunch of different ways to look at abortion, but they all lead to one statement made by the people on the wrong side.

"We want abortion to be available, but rare."

Okay, since I have the knowledge of what has been going on my life, and you do not, I'll fill you in. I have made mistakes in some of my choices in my past. I have made bad decisions, but today, I am trying to correct and atone for those bad decisions. Simply because I know that at some time in the very near future, I will have to answer for those choices. When I say "near" it is most definitely a relative term.

This abortion statement just drives me nuts. I mean completely off the wall batty. I mean in a "jump the shark" kinda way.

Why, if you believe that the "fetus" is simply a mass of tissue in the womb, would you even care how rare this procedure was? If this "fetus" is NOT a viable person, why would it matter ever if abortion were rare? We can simply stick a vacuum hose up inside a woman and remove that mass, not unlike a tumor. Simple enough, but even the pro-abortion people say that they want it to be "rare."

You know why it should be "rare." It is because abortion is the killing of a child. To say that there are no victims in this instance is idiotic. Everyone that is involved is a victim. The mother will go the rest of her life with that in the forefront of her mind, simply because she has violated the thing that is most important to her, whether she wants to acknowledge that or not. The father will go the rest of his life with that completely overwhelming him because it is his responsibility to protect his family and he has failed. And the "doctor" has violated every single bit of his moral oath that he took simply to become a doctor. All parties are devastated by this one act that is supposed to be "available, but rare."

I paid for an abortion back when I was twenty-two. It was NOT my child, but it haunts me. I think about it almost every day. I financed the killing of a child. So there.

Why are Pro-Abortion advocates the most abrasive, hideous people that you have ever seen? Because they are advocating the killing of an innocent person. Couple that with the fact that even they know that abortion is wrong. "We want abortion to be available, but rare." Again, there is only one reason that they say this. One.

That gives way to another statement that makes no sense to me regarding abortion. "It is the woman's body, so therefore it is her right to choose." That comes right on the heel of someone making the comments that the man has nothing to say about what a woman chooses to do with her body. I am guessing that is why we have the tramp stamp now, but I could be wrong. What could possibly be the reason for that defiling of a woman's body other than to let the guys in the dance club know that this particular woman wants it from the back? Any ideas?

Sure, I have done the one-night-stand thing. I have not always been this humongous moral and so very opinionated person. Like I said, I have made mistakes and now I am trying to make things right. Permit me to take off on a tangent here, I know, it is so out of character, but I never think that telling my son to do things differently from what I did is hypocritical. To tell him that a liberal sexual attitude is wrong is not trying to keep him from the vast life experiences that I had, it is trying to lead him down the path of a fulfilling life. I wish now that I had saved a lot of the things for later in life that I squandered. Draw your own conclusions from that statement. Back to the baby-killing.

Remember when I keep harping on that "nothing is mutually exclusive" crap? This woman's body comment is another one of those. Okay, if a child needs a father and we want them to accept more responsibility, then why do we completely take dad out of the equation at the onset? Folks, you cannot have it both ways. Choose one.

If there is anyone out there that actually reads my crap, know this. We have desensitized our kids to all kinds of bad things. We have told them that, yes, we know they are going to have sex and we want them to be safe with it. Here's a condom, but you never need to know that they fail miserably when given to someone that cannot even hang up their jacket. We have told them that if they make mistakes with that very same sex thing, that they can take care of that mistake. We have told them that there is absolutely nothing wrong with throwing away the very thing that they should be saving for that person that will be everything for them. And we have told them that is perfectly natural.

There are choices in this life, we were given the power to make them by some unknown force or power. Don't you think that we have made the wrong ones long enough?

All that being said, do we still want to keep telling our kids that practicing homosexuality is okay, TOO? This kinda sounds like GRID, huh? Oh, that's right, you call it AIDS now. Can't upset those homosexuals.

This is going to be some kind of dumping ground for my weirdo morality in the future. I am going to address things that bother me about the changes in our society since my youth. I hope that you stick around and empathize. Maybe there are some changes that we can accomplish together.