Thursday, January 24, 2008

Universal Healthcare and Racism

There are quite a few things that I can state with no problem of even remotely researching them. One is when someone says that "Some of my best friends are Black." that means that they are racist and have no Black friends. Another is when someone says, "It's not about the money." that means that there is only one thing that is important, the money.

Everyone seems to think that universal healthcare in this country will offer everyone equal access to medical care for less money. I have no idea from where this lunacy spews, unless it's from the mouths of the morons that refuse to be self-supporting and work to achieve for themselves. Healthcare in this country is expensive because of governmental roadblocks set up daily by the morons in Washington. Giving them still more control appears to me to be a bad idea, but I guess that I could stop working and just start riding for a while. Pardon me while I shrug.

About the search shown above, Universal Healthcare has claimed its very first fatality, there will be many more, the numbers can only be imagined. I can picture someone that is about to enter pharmacology school stopping to think, "Will a bloated federal program offer me more income in my chosen field, or less?" That young person is intelligent or smart enough to ask the important questions. They are choosing a career based on the INCOME from performing that particular task. "If I take out 100k in student loans, will my career pay me enough to repay those loans and still have money to accomplish in my life the things that are important to me?"

"Oh, shit! Hillary and Obama are having a penis length contest to see who can give away more of working family's money to people that want to ride! Where the Hell can I go now to be safe from their wrath? Any kind of medical related field is off-limits, obviously. I know, I'll go to law school and become an ambulance chaser, like that little panty-wearing boy from the Carolinas, suing major corporations for billions, maybe the entire economy won't collapse until after I'm dead."

Does anyone at all stop for one second to play the "Look into the Future" game? Did Bill Clinton do that when his administration allowed the dot-coms to run rampant over our national economy without offering a single product? (I do not advocate them actually trying to pass legislation to stop that, but if someone in that administration would have said, "Maybe buying stock in a company that doesn't have any earnings at all is probably a bad idea, even if it is popular with the kids." maybe the sheeple wouldn't have spent their money on a breeze. I lost NO money, by the way.) Did the Clinton administration look forward to the exact repercussions of allowing the banking industry to start offering interest-only mortgages or low-income financing to help poor people buy houses? Hell, no. They said, "Well, this won't come back to haunt us, the next administration will be blamed." And they were right.

Does anyone stop to realize why since November 2006, the economy has been spiraling downward? Well, let me just offer a little insight. We had a change in the control of the purse strings and the new sheriffs promise all kinds of give-aways to the unemployed and non-producers. Does anyone think at all why the market is so volatile right now? Well, could it be because there is not one single fiscal conservative running for President? Could it possibly be that the people that actually produce the goods and services are terrified at the possibility of Hillary or Barry being in charge?

Naw. It couldn't be that.

All's I'm saying, folks, is there are two kinds of people, those that push and those that ride. The riders vote enmasse for people that will take from the pushers and give to the riders. Isn't it time for the pushers to vote themselves a raise?

Now, if we could just find a candidate.

("What the Hell does this have to do with racism, Two Dogs?" Look in the first paragraph, I said that about 'some of my best friends', you know.)

Also, when I was deleting the e-mail that prompted this post, I looked up at the G-Mail suggestion, something I rarely do. They actually made the same recommendation that I made to the e-mailer.

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