Thursday, January 10, 2008

Universal Healthcare - Philosophy

No one has commented on the medical breakthroughs from other countries, but I am quite positive that you will. I'll wait.

Meanwhile, let's think about something else to add to the mix. Does your philosophy allow for the lowest common demominator to dictate what your family experiences or accomplishes? By this I mean, do you actually believe that you are no better than anyone else? Can you actually say that everyone in this world is equal?

No knee-jerk reactions, please.

Note: There are currently 12.9 million employees of the Federal Government, not counting the Postal Service (which is completely self-supporting) the military, Congress, aides, staff, and other personel. The numbers of staff, aides, and personal assistants are confidential. Every single one of these people has insurance coverage provided by the taxpayers. At the cost of over 46 billion dollars a year. State employees get pretty much the same benefits paid for by state taxes, hence you and me. The kicker is this, these folks do absolutely NOTHING to increase the wealth in this country, to help the economy. NO CONTRIBUTION AT ALL. They produce nothing, they provide nothing. Think about it.

Any discoveries found that were made outside of the United States? Come on, there has to be one that you can find easily or know about personally.