Friday, January 04, 2008

Why Obama Won

While reading the news today, it appears that the "hot-stove" words today are "voting for change." The people that are using that phraseology are what we call "morons." Because of the Iowa Caucuses? You are joking. Remember that Edwards came in a distant second, and Obama is genuinely the most likable of the Democrats, which is akin to being the best ballerina in all of Galveston, Texas.

Get a damn grip people, the only change that is coming is that the Fed is going to take more of your paycheck for stupid shit and that includes healthcare and Social Security. We allowed people that do not work and do not own property to vote, we did away with the test required to cast a ballot, and we did away with any requirements of intelligence to decide the fate of the greatest country in the history of the world.

All that said, there is only one damn reason that Obama won the Democrat thingy and I think that if you look at the fact that it was a damn blowout, you will agree.

I cannot come up with a single reason that Huckabee won other than the National media has been pushing him and most people are dumb as dirt. And before somebody jaws about people not being as dumb as dirt, go look in the mirror and decide whether you are average, below average, or above average. If you choose above average, decide how smart you are and then compare the rest of the country to you and again, you will agree.