Friday, January 04, 2008

Hooray for Google - Part 08-0104

I have been checking the stats ever since the threatening post about moral absolutes and today, I found this. (If you scroll over the damn image and click that mouse-thing in your hand, the image miraculously gets bigger in another window. It's magic!)

I never said that Colt Brennan was an asshole, by the way, I just said that he was completely untalented and never played a single good team until Georgia made Hawaii their bitch. And I said that June Jones found him in jail, which is basically true.

Anyhoo, Colt Brennan=asshole.

Note: I decided that I would start labeling the serials with a new numbering system. What thinks you? Oh, sorry for the language, but I made a New Year's Resolution to curse more this year.