Sunday, February 24, 2008

A Bizzarre Look at Religion

Whew, boy! This shall be fun. I am Catholic. Well, I am a bad Catholic. I rarely go to mass, but I try to live my life according to my faith. I depart from some of the tenets of my religion and make decisions based on my intellect most of the time, but I try to adhere to the things that I have been taught from my church. I sometimes fail, but the desire remains to follow the teachings. I'm trying to be the shepherd.

I believe in G_d, the maker of Heaven and Earth. I believe that He is all-knowing, all-seeing, and knows exactly how things are going to work out. However, I believe that G_d gave to man, the freewill to make his own choices. And I believe that at some point, man will be forced to live for infinity with the repercussions of those choices. Yes, in Dog's Land, Heaven is real and if you make the cut, you will be there forever. And "forever" really doesn't mean anything, in that sense.

I learned that G_d created man in his own image. No other living thing was created in G_d's image. That makes man the single most important creation of G_d's hands or whatever digits He possesses. (I occasionally like to think that G_d has like octopus sucker arms with fingers. He would be an awesome centerfielder and could do macrame' at the same time.) In my opinion, that belief makes man the master of the Earth and it irks me no end that the Left believes that man is the reason for all bad things on this planet. They are partly right, but mostly wrong. (Next to last paragraph, why they are right.)

The Left believes that man is pure evil, I disagree. I believe that man, if left to his own devices, produces everything that is vital to make this planet more enjoyable to man. The Left believes that man, if left to his own devices, will destroy this planet and all its living creatures.

I believe that man is the master of all other living creatures. The Left believes that all animals, including man, evolved from a primordial soup and that the value of a sheep-dog-pig-boy are all equal.

With all that being said, why would anyone ever be surprised at the capacity of depravity from the Left? Why do we look at their actions and continue to be horrified when they make suggestions that we find deplorable? Why is it that we sit there and are dumbfounded at their suggestion for the legality of partial-birth abortion? They have told us for over forty years what they believe, why do we not believe them when they say the things that they do?

Because we are stupid and will not make the efforts to understand that they are being honest with their agenda. We believe simply that there are no humans that could embody the evil that is required to propose the ideas that they hold dear. It is our own fault that there is even the possibility that their legislation is passed. We are the cause, we have accepted their moral codes and their values of life in general. It is our fault.

I have made a commitment to myself that anytime in the future that the Left proposes legislation that is contrary to my beliefs, that I will point that out to my reader and to my Congressman or Senator. I know that sounds "preachy," but it is my obligation to myself and my beliefs that I voice my opposition to things that are in direct conflict with the values that I hold dear. I vow to no longer be silent even in situations that may appear to make me look like an asshole. I will ask the questions of people that need to be asked and never allow them to shirk their responsibilities for their decisions. I shall be the thorn that no one wants because I believe that I will have to answer for my actions.

And I will sleep like a baby, sucking my thumb and probably wetting the bed.

(Hat-Tip: Herb, for pointing out why I need to do this.)

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