Saturday, February 23, 2008

Blackuary 23 - 2008 Demand for Reinstitution of Slavery

Yes, I have been keeping up to date on the goings on of our Presidential races. It is deheartening to say the least, so today I thought that I would write a rambling post about well, everything. It's the weekend, few people even bother to look at this blog on the weekend because it is time to let outside influences fall to the back burner and to relax with family and friends, but still I have the need to get my thoughts out. Prepare to be unredisappointed in my abilities of cogent thought.

Every Black person has a job, clothing, food, a house, access to medical care, and absolutely no debt. It was a great time, well except for the fact that nearly every Black person was a slave, forced to work for ZERO and couldn't own property or vote.

Barry Obama promises to return to those glorious years, if elected. Why would a half-Black man so loath himself to champion the ideas that imprisoned his people until 1865? Because he is a fascist and believes in the tenets of fascism. He has a driving need to cloak his incompetence and force others to work for his success. Most people that have no ability, believe those things. Someone that is unable to accomplish anything on their own effort, look to pull the rest of us down to that level. He is unimpressed by any individual that breaks from the pack and achieves success on his or her own merits. Barry is an advocate of forced equality, which removes every chance of individual success. Is he evil? By definition.

But let me say this. Barry is the quintissential definition of Radical Leftist, there are many of his type. He embraces the ideas fleshed out during the early years of the twentieth century. The ideas that insure all of the people, except for a very select few, are completely poor, but they are all equal. These ideas stem from the premise that all men are not created equal, but equality must be forced to exist. Success cannot be forced, but failure can be. "Progressive?" Hardly, he wants to return to those failed policies because he has no ability aside from the fact that he is popular with the racist, elitist media that knows the people will fall into lockstep with his platform, to the detriment of freedom and success. But equality will be achieved, it is just that every single person will be equally poor and destitute.

Why use incrementalism to achieve these "ideals?" Because Americans will not be forced into slavery all at once, you have to ease them in that direction. Slavery will happen, it will just take years to get to that point, but get there we will. Anyone that has topped the one hundred thousand dollar salary mark is already a half-slave. By that I mean, HALF of your income is confiscated and given to others. You keep only half of what you earn. It will not be too much longer until you lose two-thirds and from there, it is a hop, skip, and a jump to literal slavery.

John Edwards got the closest to actually asking successful people to donate the vast majority of their income for the benefit of the collective by saying people that earn two hundred thousand dollars a year would be taxed at the rate of seventy-eight (78%) percent to pay for universal healthcare. He actually said this and no one killed him for that blasphemy. That is the very definition of slavery.

I am most definitely not saying that Barry chooses to stifle the need for man to accomplish things, I am saying that he is too ignorant to recognize that man, if left to his own devices, achieves the impossible. He, and all other radicals, believes that man is the root of things bad in this world and that he alone can save man from himself. What does that mean? Let me try to explain my ridiculous thoughts on this.

Every single political idea that I have seen hatch in this country lately has stemmed (in my opinion) from the premise that there are stupid people that cannot determine for themselves the correct path on which to tread. I agree. Where my philosophy and the philosophy of those radicals part ways is in the path that needs to be traveled to lead to increased intelligence. Radicals believe that there is no possibility for man to be intelligent, knowledge is unattainable, because there are no concretes. I know that concretes exist and are exactly that, unchangeable proofs of definitive absolutes.

Example? Absolutely. A set minimum wage. People do exist that believe setting a minimum wage is good, even though every single fact points in the opposite direction. Minimum wage laws kill poor people. Having said this over one million times, again I will point out that when a business is forced to pay the least capable of its workers a set fee, that increases the price of the product. Very basic economics, there. Every single human that makes more than minimum wage is affected by that increase. The only people that have at the very best a zero sum gain, are the lowest paid workers. Everyone else actually loses ground because of the "raise" of the minimum wage. The economy plummets.

Any idea why in the past year we have seen the economy slow to almost a standstill? Minimum wage increases and other anti-business measures put in place by the majority party. Simple.

With this philosophical shift toward punishment of successful people and the need to remove all reward for success, we diminish the chance that new technologies will be invented, that breakthroughs on the medical front will happen, and that achievement made simply for the sake of achievement will occur. We might as well outlaw true progress and achievement.

Man, as a rule, is not evil, despite what anyone tells you. Man is the greatest creation ever and the capacity for achievement of man cannot be stifled except for his refusal to be enslaved by the non-achieving masses. You may condemn me as being selfish and for not caring about my fellow man, but I have shown you that in order to earn my respect and trust, you must supply me with proof that you are worth that to me. I choose those for whom I care. I value achievement and success. You say that I am judgmental because I do not value the street bum as much as I value the accomplishments of Bill Gates and I agree.

We can only be created equal, we cannot maintain that state without individual achievement and a desire to accomplish the most for ourselves, not for the imaginary social constructs and the public good. The "public" is a non-entity and doesn't exist.

UPDATE: There has been much comparison of Barry's accomplishments in the Senate versus Hillary's. Let me just say this, when your understanding of freedom is as sand-poundingly stupid as these two, their actually getting legislation passed is bad, really, really bad. So, stop with that stupidity, please.

What say you?