Friday, February 22, 2008

Congressmen/women are Morons

From John Conyers website: For over thirty-seven years, Rep. John Conyers has been one of the most vocal advocates for universal health care in the United States Congress. He has introduced two critically important pieces of legislation, the "United States National Health Insurance Act," H.R. 676, which has the support of over 9000 physicians; and H. Con. Res. 99; which calls on Congress to pass universal health legislation by 2005.

Two WHOLE pieces of legislation in thirty-seven years. Damn, John, don't get all chaotic on us, we might want our "change" in bits and pieces. 37 years-2 bills, neither of which passed.

What his website doesn't say is that it took him 37 years to get 9000 physicians to back this one particular piece of legislation. 9000 doctors, that's an awful lot of doctors, huh? Well, not if there were only 9000 out of 853,187 that said this was a good idea.

John Conyers is a moron.

UPDATE: Two out of two Johns are MORONS. Looking at the photo, no wonder Barry is getting the gay vote.

And, just in case you were wondering about all of Barry Obama's wonderful soul-cleansing, soul-saving, soul-loving policies, (happy-happy-joy-joy) they are HERE. Inexperienced is he? Racist!

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