Friday, February 22, 2008

Blackuary 22 - 2008 The Black Civil Rights Party is Born

On this day, Blackuary 22, 1856, a political party was born that held the power to finally break the bonds of slavery and work towards acquiring civil rights for all people. Yes, the Republican Party held its first national meeting on this day in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. And the lives of Blacks throughout this country have never been the same again, well except for the few times that we have had a Democrat President that would rubber stamp the racist legislation that came from the Democrat controlled Congress.

From Democrat controlled Wikipedia: Founded in 1854 by anti-slavery expansion activists and modernizers, the Republican Party rose to prominence with the election of Abraham Lincoln, the first Republican president. The party presided over the American Civil War and Reconstruction and was harried by internal factions and scandals towards the end of the 19th century. Today, the Republican Party supports a conservative platform (as far as American politics are concerned), with further foundations in economic liberalism and social conservatism. The current U.S. President, George W. Bush, is the 19th Republican to hold office. Republicans currently fill a minority of seats in both the United States Senate and the House of Representatives, hold a minority of state governorships, and control a minority of state legislatures. It is currently the second largest party with 55 million registered members, encompassing roughly one third of the electorate.

The emphasis is added by me to point out what we are talking about here and how it applies to Blacks specifically. Let's get on with it.

You see, the Republican Party has always been the party of progress, the Democrat party has always been the party that focused their sights backwards. For instance, this Presidential election. The Democrat candidates want to return to the policies instituted in Italy in the 1930's and the Republicans want to keep moving forward toward greater and greater freedoms. Not unlike the way that the Republicans freed the slaves and the Democrats came up with ways, like Jim Crow Laws, to return to the status quo.

Since its inception, the Republican Party has always championed individuality and promoted personal success by removing restrictions on citizens put in place by Democrats. Democrat restrictions were always put in place to keep only the rich elitists in power. Most thinking people would take the time to check these facts by looking at where all the pay-offs were, what politicians accepted bribes and kickbacks, and what politicians voting for what legislation. That is the way that most thinking people would choose his or her candidates. That desire no longer exists in most people, who chose not to think and believe anything they hear from someone that is promising them money for FREE!

The Republicans have been on the front line of every single piece of legislation that removed the restrictions that kept the Black folks in their place, the Democrats have fought the Republicans tooth and nail through every single one of these battles and tried to regress to any type of program that kept Blacks uneducated, underpaid, and starving. Most people do realize that is the direction of the national Democrat Party and that is why Republicans have been more successful on the national stage.

The Republican Party has 55 million registered members, compared to over 165 million members of the Democrat Party. Wonder why the elections are so damn close when the Democrats have three times the members? Could it possibly be that most people have come to the overwhelming conclusion that every single time a Democrat is elected President, we lose jobs, wealth, property, unemployment rises, the poor are tortured with starvation and our economy goes to Hell in a handbasket? And Blacks lose what little ground they gained in their collective minds?

You see, dear reader, there is a thing that most thinking people use to guide their way through the morass of day-to-day living that keeps them from coming completely unglued from the frustration of seeing and having to listen to dumb people, it is called rational thought. Rational thought is what is needed to make sound decisions concerning your life and the life of the ones that you love.

If you desire to regress to the "Toby" state, simply accept your fate and offer your wrists to the bondage of oppression. If you desire a better life, choose the path of forward motion instead of a regression to failed ideologies of the past. Less than two years is what it took for the Democrat controlled Congress to remove all of the progress that we had made since 1994 and slow the economy virtually to a standstill yet again. Let's drop that failing tactic and right the ship once again.

You simply cannot get something for nothing, it does not happen. What personal freedoms are you willing to sacrifice to get free everything?

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