Thursday, February 21, 2008

Happy Birthday, Appeasement Monkeys

While listening to the news on the radio a minute ago, I learned that today is the fiftieth birthday of this symbol.

This is the symbol of the movement called "Direct Action Committee Against Nuclear War." For what it's worth, I am vehemently opposed to nuclear war. Well, any kind of war at all, even. So, I probably would have joined, not knowing even now just what in the Hell these folks believed other than nuclear war=bad. Scroll down on THIS page for the scoop on the "Peace Symbol."

During the Sixties, this symbol was highjacked by a bunch of morons that opposed any type of security for people other than those that were stoned out of their gourd and smelled like spoiled meat, all the while mooching off of their parents who had worked hard to send the first members of their families to elitist colleges.

Anyhoo, Happy Birthday, Symbol. And Barry Obama is as dumb as a barrel of hair and that is being kind.

Other BLOGGERS join in the celebration. Surprisingly, most are on the Left, what's up with that?

Whatcha got?