Thursday, February 21, 2008

Differences in Political Ideology

Much has been said about the "ideas" of the Democrat Party, so let's delve into the way Democrats run Mississippi. Yes, Democrats run our state, no matter what in the Hell the Clarion Ledger tells you. Democrats are the majority of both houses of our Legislature, the very same legislature that is more powerful than our constitutionally weak governor. Please remember that at no time EVER in the past, have Republicans run our state, and our great state is lucky to be a the very bottom of every good statistical list known to man. Democrats have had the unfettered power to keep our state at the bottom of damn near every catagory and have done so swimmingly.

Our state motto is "Thank God for Arkansas!" It didn't used to be like that, but Arkansas elected a moron to be governor that promptly ran them to the very bottom of every catagory, guess who?

One little tidbit of information upon which both sides of the political aisle must agree, the state deficit in the Medicaid program is close to ninety million ($90,000,000.00) dollars. We didn't balance the checkbook right, or either someone didn't mark down an ATM withdrawal or something. Why is irrelevent.

Anyhoo, the Legislature voted themselves a fifty percent pay increase. Wait, the DEMOCRAT legislature voted themselves a fifty percent pay increase. Uh, anyone see a problem there?

More at Y'all Politics. Just so you know, Y'all Politics is also all over this Democrat Dickie Scruggs buying off Democrat Judges. HERE's a rundown. This is another "Operation Pretense" that is pretty much going to bring down the whole Democrat Party in Mississippi, much like the real Operation Pretense did back in the early 1980's.

Also, do you remember when I made the comment back when Trent lott resigned, that it seemed really fishy? Well, some federal agents are looking into THAT. I still think that Lott is somehow tied into the illegal stuff going on around this bribery crap.

Just so you know, when all of the Democrat elected officials went to jail from the Operation Pretense sting, the people simply elected more Democrats. And now, those Democrats are going to jail if we can keep our Democrat Attorney General from allowing all of his buddies to escape justice. Way to go, Democrat Attorney General Jim Hood!

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