Thursday, February 21, 2008

Blackuary 21 - 2008 / Black Spending Habits 2006

And let me get in on the ground floor on this. Target Market's 2006 study is out, this is not the one from 2004 perverted by that stellar moron, Yolanda Young of USA Today.

This is a block quote from the press release of the study regarding one of the racist dudes that performs the study into what Black folks spend their money on. (read that sentence a couple of times and it really does makes sense. trust me.)

In "Minding Your Money, Part 1," Ken Smikle, president of Chicago's Target Market Report, talks about habits that get many people into trouble: spending. Smikle also emphasizes the tremendous influence of African-American buying power, their $719 billion in spending in 2005 giving them a great deal of economic clout. Smikle says black spending patterns largely parallel those of other ethnic groups. But he detected certain categories where African-Americans spend a bit more than others: fresh food, electronics, apparel, and telephone usage.

(I am assuming by their idiotic usage of "African-American" that they are really talking about Black citizens of our country, so I will address the comments as if they were actually written about citizens of this country being of the Black persuation instead of the oddly arbitrary people from Africa that have relocated here, like Teresa Heinz Kerry, who is by definition, an "African-American.")

Okay, y'all like fresh food, can't fault you for that. Fresh food is healthier than frozen or processed food. Plus, the decision to purchase fresh foods shows that you take more time with your choices and are more picky about what you eat. Being selective and smart about what you eat? You are a better man than me. I would eat hair if it had the right sauce on it.

Electronics, hey y'all like the electronic toys, that seems to mean that you are more savvy in the move toward more and more gadgets that increase productivity. Smart move, a good time saving measure. Salute, unless it's the I-Phone, 'cause Pookie, that is just gay.

Apparel. Look the damn part. Shined shoes, pressed clothes, all make the right impression. Y'all have pride in your appearance. Damn, so far, 3-0 over other races.

And finally telephone usage. I am going to assume that this means cell phones, because really, you actually still have a land line? This means that Blacks are more social than other races, they have more friends and colleagues than other races. Now, I'm all lonely and shit.

Okay, let's see how Yolanda Young spins this one to put the obviously superior* race down.

Please take the time to comment, I'm white.

I do not acknowledge that any race is superior to any other races, but this study kinda says that Blacks are superior. Can't argue with math, I have tried and lost.