Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Blackuary 12 - 2008

On this day, Blackuary 12, in the year of 1909, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People was formed. Since I have already done an extensive post on the NAACP, (see my archives on this date in 2006) plus the fact that the NAACP is completely irrelevent today because they are nothing but a "support the Democrats at all costs so we can get P-A-I-D" group, I will focus on something that is important. To me, anyway.

On this day, Blackuary 12, in the year of 1914, the first stone of the Lincoln Memorial was set in place. Yes, he was White, yes he was ugly, and yes, he was a Republican.

Abraham Lincoln was NOT an abolishionist. He was a Constitutionalist and slavery was legal according to our Constitution. He also took an Oath of Office that he actually meant, much unlike today's politicians. (illegal immigration for example) Lincoln was also a Liberal by definition. He was for small, limited government, and for freedom. He was for simplicity and virtue. He was for individuality, which was at one point guaranteed by our Constitution. By today's distorted view and wrongful definition, he was a Far Right Wing Conservative. He would be labeled a "Hate-Monger" and far worse.

And he used his Executive Order privilege to free many slaves and got dead for it. He was killed by an actor, too. Same folks hated Blacks then as hate them now.

Diversity is today's buzz word, what does it mean? Define: diversity. 1.the state or fact of being diverse; difference; unlikeness. 2.variety; multiformity. 3.a point of difference.

Does today's diversity even sound remotely like what the word, by definition, means? I say wholeheartedly, NO. Today's diversity means the exact opposite, it means that you MUST adhere to a certain standard of forced compliance. Today's standard means "sameness." Diversity means that everyone shall share the exact same standards and opinions as everyone else or ELSE.

Can anyone else recognize the abyss into which we have fallen? It is not like Orwell's 1984, it is so far beyond that limit that California has even done away with sex designations in favor of the assinine "gender." You are no longer just a man or woman, but you must be situated firmly into a niche by someone else's standards and it is wildly arbitrary.

Philosophy to me has to begin with certain knowns. The age old questions about "I think so therefore I exist" are ridiculous to me. Acceptance of certain facts must be inherent to even begin to think about those questions. "Yes, I exist." Let's move on to important matters.

Lincoln came from humble beginnings to rise to the greatest position on the Earth. That is no longer attainable unless you possess no scruples and unlimited access to money. Bill Clinton proved that time and time again and his wife wants to do the same. I choose to voice my opinion to deny them that oppression of my thoughts and ideas which will certainly come if they have their way.

We now move into the realm of ideas concerning Civil Rights and such. If you believe in the concept that everyone should be afforded equal rights, then you simply must repudiate any ties to today's Left, Barry and Hillary included. Civil Rights cannot be given to a group, it is philosophically impossible to corral people into the position of group thought and behavior, so therefore we must accept that rights are individual. That is forgotten on the Left and they prove that daily by trying to force success onto a group of people by redistribution concepts.

Healthcare, puhleeezzze.

Until the population of this country turns its back on the policies of Socialism or Fascism, we are doomed to repeat their glaring failures in this country. My suggestion to you, the Blackuary fanatic, is to embrace the fact that you came into this world by yourself, must make your way through it by yourself, and must die by yourself. Yes, you get to share all kinds of wonderful things with other people OF YOUR CHOOSING during the time that you have, but the second that you attach yourself to a certain group, you are destined to fail, unless YOU are the weak link of the chain.

Try to be the shepherd, instead of the sheeple. And that is today's Blackuary message.

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