Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Differences Between Political Ideologies

With all the lunacy surrounding the upcoming Presidential elections and the hideously bad choices that we have in candidates, I believe that it is incumbent for someone to explain Conservatism and Liberalism, simply so people can understand the differences between the definitions that are in place today. This will be done in my typical unbiased fashion.

For simplicity, I shall use the acronym "LTCGARJAMAM" for the Federal government. This stands for "Losers that cannot get a real job and make any money."

Conservatism, by today's definition, is the belief that the LTCGARJAMAM is too large and bloated. The poor services that they offer are so far beyond the limits of our Constitution that further legislation to fund these programs borders on suicidal. Conservatives are tired of being the only ones that actually pay for these services and are the only ones that don't use them.

Over fifty percent of my salary was confiscated last year to pay for these bad services and to fund the retirement of some old people. Don't get me wrong, if the money I paid into FICA was going to my grandmother, that would be fine, but it is not. She doesn't qualify because of the apparent wealth of being a landowner. What LTCGARJAMAM actually told her was "Ms. Dogs, you have plenty of land, you could sell this off and have much wealth to carry you through your later years."

My response to them was, "Why don't you simply pay her back for all the money that my grandfather contributed into your program over the course of forty years and she could do the same?"

You might need the services from LTCGARJAMAM, but trust me, you won't get them. Kinda like what is going to happen when they decide once and for all that we simply must have Universal Healthcare because we are too stupid to take care of ourselves.

Conservatives also believe that they alone should decide what to do with their money and have the CHOICE to support groups that they deem as important. The snail darter can suck my choad, I couldn't care less if it went the way of the coal burning locomotive. And trust me, I tried to care, but nope, don't give one shit. I just tried again to care, nope it is impossible.

Liberals believe that everyone should be equal and that means that their checking account balances should be equal. I mean, how else are you going to support idiotic things like government subsidized daycare or free transportation for everyone? It doesn't matter if you sit at home all day long watching Orpah, you should have the same stuff as people that wake up at the crack of dawn and bust their asses all day long for their families. That's economic discrimination!

Liberals believe that a cocker spaniel has the same moral value as a man. (And I love cocker spaniels, but they are exactly that.) Honestly, I believe that the current batch of Democrats would allow a person that murdered his entire family the chance to affect the outcome of Federal elections. And they have championed that exact thing.

There are two distinct differences that matter to me on election day. I have never gotten to the point of reducing my political ideas down to two points before, but there are no conservatives in the race this time around. Hell, George W. Bush ain't conservative and his daddy sure as Hell wasn't.

Number One: Islam. There is a "religion" that preaches its followers to kill anyone that doesn't share their beliefs. They are dangerous and have proven it time and time again. I remember, not too far back, that some of those followers highjacked planes and ran them into buildings in very populated areas. That is bad and we should try to keep it from happening again. There are no politicians in this country that have ever simply come out and said, "Islam is a threat to life on this planet." So no candidate for me on that issue.

Number Two: Criminal Immigrants. Yes, people that break the law are called criminals. People who are in this country without the proper permission are criminals. This is a very simple concept. Make them leave and stop them from coming back. These people do not contribute anything to society. True, they do pick fruit and vegetables, but believe me when I say, once they are gone, the fruits and vegetables will get picked. They always have and always will. Granted, they might be a little more expensive at the beginning, but in the long run, those jobs will be filled by people that stopped working when the Mexicans got here.

The fallout from these two issues is enormous and must be addressed. Remeber the old saw about what happens in a vacuum? Yeah, well, there are issues that even I cannot fathom when these two very little things are addressed. Also, there is no need to enact new legislation to deal with these issues either. It is already illegal to kill and it is already illegal to be here without permission. Simply enforce the damn law.

Which brings us to the final difference between the two ideologies. Liberals believe that legislation has an impact on everyone and Conservatives know that it doesn't. Law is only written for the law-abiding and criminals never even pay any attention to law. You see, by definition, a criminal is someone who practices law-breaking as a profession.

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Anonymous said...

Assalamu'alaikum. That means "I come in peace" in Arabic. You know the Jews had a similar greeting in Aramaic (Prohpet Jesus' - peace be upon him - original language) and both greetings, Salam and Shalom, are derived from the same root word. You obviously don't know the true religion of Islam. If you read Prophet Jesus' sayings and teachings in Aramaic versus English or Greek you can see their true meaning and what his religion was. Our religion does not promote suicide nor does it grants its suicidal bombers with 72 virgins. They go to Hell along with the Bushies. I agree with you on every issue, except for Islam - it is not a threat to this planet. Read the Qur'an. It's a beautiful piece of work that only Allah (Allaha in Aramaic, both means Almighty) God Himself could have created. The fanatic Muslims you talk about comprise less than 1% of the total Muslim population. Their extreme beliefs do not coincide with true Islam. Wa'Salaam.