Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Universal Healthcare - ONLY Pros

*You must click the image to see the large size so you can tell what I am talking about.*

I have always maintained the Left in this country was closed-minded and this image gives you proof. This person logged on to Yahoo Answers and searched for ONLY Pros to Universal Healthcare. "My mind is made up on this issue, so tell me why my decision is good!"

Half of our population has forgotten that you cannot get something for nothing. Furthermore, you cannot understand an issue if you only hear one side of the debate. Why do you think that Network News has very few viewers these days? It's because most people know when they are being lied to, and they do not like it one bit. Well, except for the deadbeats that still think that you can get something for nothing.

UPDATE: I mean, sure, Kane, you really do have to get your news from somewhere. And yeah, you getting yours from The Daily Show is a great idea. Moron. Remember, we vote the THIRD WEDNESDAY in November. Please do not forget.

UPDATE 2: Kane (all *sic* is his): Jon Stewert said just the other night that Obama's plan was sond.

Dogs: He is a comedian. And I haven't heard a single policy proposal from Barry.

Kane: But he does the daily show whose Barry

Dogs: That is a comedy show. And Barry Obama.

Kane: It's a news show why you call him barry

Dogs: Barry is his name. I'm busy, talk to ya' later.

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SN said...

You're right about something for nothing. Obviously there are some people who will benefit from universal health care. That part is a no-brainers. If one raises taxes and give the money as handouts, then someone receives the money. It is all about redistribution.

In essence, whether to go for universal health care is a moral issue, as argued by this "FIRM" article.

Paul Mitchell said...

Damn, SN, that's some hefty reading, but for the most part, it is spot on. Let's all give Capitalism a chance, we've tried everything else.