Wednesday, February 13, 2008

This Must Be Said

I like sports. Baseball is my favorite sport. Roger Clemens is/was a great pitcher. I do not give one shit if he took steriods or HGH. As a matter of fact, I would rather athletes juice. I never, ever need to hear them say a damn word, they are athletes, hence of lesser intelligence than non-athletes. Remember Bill Bradley, Rhodes Scholar and basketball player? He was the smartest athlete ever and dumb as a concrete post.

Disclaimer: I have actually heard an athlete complete a sentence once. Once. Shut up, let's play ball! Ooooo, let's get Archie Manning to talk, his seed actually produces professional quarterbacks! Oh, you are killing me. (I am just not sure that that is a disclaimer.)

Anyhoo, Roger is a big whiney damn baby. CNN is reporting that Clemens has stated, "This steriods scandal has terrorized my family." Roger, grow a sack man. You left the Bosox and wound up at the Yankees, what did your family FEEL about the gossip about you then? I am guessing that every single family member simply walked out and threw themselves under buses then. It's terrorism? Really?

Dude, just shut up and throw the damn baseball, no one wants to hear what you think. Well, other than Congress because they are dumber than athletes.

UPDATE: I got a little traffic from the Bill Bradley comment and laughed out loud when I read THIS. Barry Obama is the new Bill Bradley. I mean, does the Left even read what they write?

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