Thursday, February 14, 2008

Blackuary 14 - 2008 Balemtime's Day!

I just had to start your morning out right, because today is not a day of romance or affection, it's the one day set aside for men to actually NOT have to beg for sex. It's like written in the by-laws or something that women are legally obligated to wear the bustier, garterbelt, stockings, put a little Robitussin in the kid's Cream of Wheat, and willingly submit to the ol' in-out, in-out.

So grab you up some romance and see if you can make the neighbors call the cops. Here's Barry to help you out. (UPDATE: I just watched the video and it's kinda gay, unless you are really into big Black men and by "into," I don't really mean "into," you know what I mean. Uh, no homo.)

By the way, I am solo this year on Balemtimes, so do her for me, too. Damn, I am such a big romantic.

If you do not want bad news, read no further.

On this day, Blackuary 14, in the year of 2005, just three short years ago, Religion of Peace members rolled up into the entertainment districts of three different cities in the Phillipines to hasten their journey to their seventy-two virgins and Satan.

Yeah, that is a big deal, lovers, because these bombings were deliberately timed to maximize death and injury. Alas, the Religion of Peace strikes on the international day of love and romance and even claims that the bombings were a "Valentines" present for the President of the Phillipines. Such lovable little bombers.

US Embassy press release HERE.

(Islam, Nation of Islam, it doesn't matter. One leads the other, which is which?)

UPDATE 2: Jay at Stop the ACLU is reporting a campus shooting at the Northern Illinois University campus. Kishwaukee Community Hospital is using their website to keep folks posted, HERE.

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