Saturday, February 16, 2008

Blackuary 16 - 2008 The Truth

This has nothing to do with the blatant racism of Black History Month. It has to do with undeniable truth and the impending oppression that is coming. I rarely crack open the lead-lined truth box here at Dog's Manor, but for some reason, I am feeling generous today. Let's get started.

I have a problem. A philosophical shift towards stupidity exists in this world. It hasn’t just now started, it has been coming quite possibly since the beginning of the initial discovery of fire, but still, I want no part of it. The more that I listen to the debates surrounding the “issues” being addressed during this election cycle, the more it becomes overwhelmingly apparent that most people simply do not care that they have become morons with absolutely no desire to change that.

It is apparent that people choose to let others, who wield the power, think for them. Universal Healthcare talk is just the tip of the iceberg. That has been coming for ages and it is finally to the point where even doctors are embracing that lunacy, not because they see it as a good idea, but because they do not want to be branded as selfishly chasing the dollar. I cannot stand by and simply keep my mouth shut, when the answers are staring me in the face. I cannot continue to maintain a humorous attitude when all has been abandoned and we allow the least of our people to dictate the path for the whole country.

The fact that Republicans have deserted their moral highroad and lowered themselves to the point of nominating an obvious idiot pushes me to the edge. Democrats deserted their moral highroad, well let’s face it, when they established their party based solely on oppression and looting. And please don’t forget racism. Democrats have long held the ideas of altruism of the White upper class to their heart simply because they see man as evil. I thought that Republicans were different.

It all boils down to morality. Morality does not exist in today’s politicians; there is no rudder other than the whims of an unknowing populace. To me it seems that the minute someone acquires new knowledge, they immediately begin to process to forget that new discovery and bury their head in the sand to continue the old way.

“Affordable housing!” Please, just say what you mean. You mean that you want cheaply built dwellings to give to people that refuse to work, so they will vote for you. It is not any kind of noble act that you are undertaking; you are blatantly telling people that you can be bribed. And we act all shocked when one of our elected officials is caught embezzling money. Please, you asked them to steal for you.

Illegal Immigration. For the love of G_d, the term is ILLEGAL immigration. It is against the damn law that you wrote! Do you not even see the slippery slope that entails? What happens when you have dissolved to the point of “illegal murder?” Do you not see the folly of passing laws and then ignoring the same? Do you think that the ACLU won’t use that to further dissolve the moral fiber of this country or do you just assume that everyone is looking out for your best interests?

Get a grip, man. You were born to look out for your best interests. You and you alone have your best interests at heart. You have a damn brain for a reason and you choose to ignore the power of that. Plants practice more self-sustaining actions than those that choose this path.

We have changed our collective minds on definitions of words. Basil pointed that out a couple of days ago, as I have many, many times in the past. Fifty years ago, there was another person trying to explain that idea and she was shouted down and people let that happen. A great mind and a powerful voice was silenced and ridiculed because she did not agree with the altruistic tendency towards suicide. And that is exactly what it is.

In 1962, she said that this country was beginning to vilify the businessmen and corporations because they were interested in profit. Well, today almost fifty percent of our country believes that businessmen and corporations are evil and with that sentiment, Wal*Mart, the store that offers affordable stuff for everyone is blatantly ostracized and claimed to hate people by not offering free insurance to their employees! Forty-six years ago, she saw this exact climate and no one would listen. This is insane. I do not want to sound condescending here, but profit is GOOD.

The fact that the Black community has not rebelled against the tyranny of their leaders dumbfounds me. They, as a group, sit idly by while people of all races offer them free stuff to appease their intellect. There are people that ARE voting for Barry because he is Black, and that is because they are stupid. Yes, voting for someone because of his or her race is by very definition, racism, but it stems from stupidity. You are born with certain physical traits; your choice on the matter is not taken into account. But, this one little tendency of racism blooms from stupidity and that stupidity is there because of your choice.

There is no limit to the capacity of the human brain to absorb knowledge, well other than the choice to ignore that capacity and refuse to try to fill it. This is immoral and we are all guilty of it from time to time, some more than others.

The fact that nearly every issue that is being discussed is solely unconstitutional bothers me greatly. Our country was created entirely on the premise of individual rights and we have no issues other than those that completely contradict that one premise. There is not one issue that promotes rights of individuals over groups. Not one, find it.

Therein lies the rub. Never will you be able to receive the collective opinion. This doesn’t exist except without personal sacrifice. Compromise attempts to make everyone happy and what it actually does is make everyone pissed off. Everyone is a loser when compromise happens. Everyone makes choices to deny their morals and everyone suffers. Do you see? What you even attempt is literally impossible. Remember, I do not use “literally” to mean something else. It means what it is.

Words do mean something and we attach different values to those words. “Welfare” means exactly that, welfare. And a synonym is “interest.” Why would I want to look out for someone else’s interests over my own? Because I am selfish? Define selfish: looking out for one’s own best interests. Why is it that among all living creatures, man is the only animal that is denied that right of life? Why is it an insult to call someone selfish? It seems the appropriate response to that “insult,” would be, “Yes, I do not want to die, I am not suicidal.”

I must admit, these concepts are not my own, I am not that smart, YET. However, since this knowledge was available to me, was it not available to everyone? And why does everyone not share my beliefs? It is because of the freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution in this country. If your beliefs are directly contradictory to mine, who’s belief system holds the trump? Well, under our current Representative Republic, it comes from the will of the people through their elected officials. And the framers of our Constitution knew that would present a problem once the people figured out that they could vote themselves some money. They even voiced that opinion, over two hundred years ago. Why, if that knowledge is readily available to everyone, does everyone not agree with that very basic premise?

Selfishness. How can this word mean so much but be construed to mean two opposing things? Why is it that a bunch of people can get together and decide to take what I have earned with my own labor and give it to someone else? It is simply self-preservation for them at my expense. I am sacrificing my earnings for people that refuse to sacrifice. Where is the morality here?

I do not choose to sacrifice what is morally mine. You are stealing the fruits of my labor. You are choosing to take from me what is rightfully mine, for your personal gain at the cost of my welfare. You are a thief and you choose to call it moral. Define thief: a criminal who takes property belonging to someone else with the intention of keeping it or selling it. I have already explained how our Congress sells the booty of their theft from me.

Now, I know that there must exist some people left in this, the greatest country in the history of the world, who believe like I do. This simply must be true or otherwise logic is dead. Where are those voices? They have been shouted down by people that are solely looking out for their best interests which include continuing to be the dumbest humans alive.

You shall not have power over me and the things that I produce. I shall save my production and reserve those things for the people that appreciate them and pay for them with only the fruits of their labor. I shall never offer my services or the extent of my knowledge to anyone that does not choose to use that knowledge for their personal gain only. I will never willingly offer my services or my knowledge to anyone that will give it away to people that do not deserve it. These are my moral truths and I’m sticking to ‘em.

Join me.

What are your truths?


on-the-rocks said...

Unfortunately, stupidity is easier in the short run than is pursuing logic, for the dumbmasses, that is.