Friday, February 15, 2008

Why Do Democrats Refuse to Condemn Hate Groups?

Quick question, why do the Democrat candidates for President refuse to condemn the antics of the Leftist religious groups in their party? Is there anyone more disgusting than their Westboro Baptist Church backers? Why will they not kick Fred Phelps to the curb? Is it because his hate is exactly like theirs, well except for hating FAGS? Is it because he uses their playbook religiously? Will the Clintons return the money that Phelps gave them? Will Phelps again get invited to the White House if Hillary is elected like he did when Bill was? Will Phelps send his son to Hillary's inauguration like he did to Bill's first? I just want to know why homosexual groups refuse to try to kick him out of the party. I mean, is getting elected so important to them that they will allow Phelps and all the other hate groups (KKK, NAACP, etal) to continue to be the majority of their party?

Please, if there is a single Democrat that knows these answers, let me know. I just can't come up with one good reason why there is actually a group with so much hate amongst them.

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