Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Blackuary 26 - 2008 Our First Black President Approves Muslim Terrorism

On this day, Blackuary 26, 1993, our nation's first Black President decided that Muslim terrorism in the United States was cool with him. We will never actually know how long before the attack that Bill Clinton was aware of the planning, but a Presidential Daily Briefing was prepared that told him explicitly that Muslims did not like the United States and they would like to blow stuff up. He ignored that memo and a 1500 pound bomb killed six and injured over a thousand. Directly after this occurance, Jamie Gorelick, the Deputy Attorney General issued a memo that completely destroyed our intelligence capability so more attacks could be carried out without fail. By the way, every single bit of this is true, it is written in a very sarcastic tone, but still, it is true. And every attack by Muslims since that time can be blamed on the administration of the Clintons. It will only resume should the former co-President get elected.

Furthermore, Jamie Gorelick has not been put to death for her treason. As a matter of fact, she was actually allowed to be on the committee that studied the intelligence breakdowns following the Muslim terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. Oddly enough, the vast majority of the time that the committee was meeting, they all just sat and pointed directly at her, screaming in unison, "It's her fault!" Her participation ensured that the 9-11 Commission's report was a complete farce. Removed from the actual report was a composite drawing of the reason that the Muslim terrorist attack happened, it was a sketch of Jamie Gorelick. It was removed secretly by someone on the commission and no one can find it. And still, to this day, Gorelick has not been put to death for her treason. And tomorrow, she will not be put to death for her treason. We accept that now because we have become a nation of sissies. (Partly true.)

Also on this day, Blackuary 26, 1984, Jesse Jackson finally admitted that he called New York "Hymietown" proving that not only is he anti-Semitic, he is a moron, because it was on tape and he kept denying it. Leader of the Black Community! (True)

And finally, on this day, Blackuary 26, 1946, Thurgood Marshall jumped on his Harley and rode into Columbia, Tennessee to start a fight. He succeeded and almost got killed in the PROCESS. Oh, by the way, my account of the events is untrue, but it would be really cool if it were true, go to the link to see what really happened. It's got the "N-word" so do not get your feelings hurt, Shirley. Please notice that this occurred less than 100 miles from the hometown of Al Gore's father and only two years and a month before Junior was born. Coincidence? Oh, Hell naw. (Adaptation and fitionalization of truth.)

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Please note, the "Leftards and Dumbasses" label only applies to Clinton and Jackson. Despite my vehement disagreement with Marshall's opinions, I have always respected the backbone of that man. Said what he thought and rode his Harley in to start fights over his beliefs.