Tuesday, February 26, 2008

More Barry Obama Jawing

Am I wrong in assuming that everyone actually knows the extent of the depravity that Hillary Clinton possesses? If I am wrong, please tell me, so I can start shouting about her, too. I do not want to seem as if I am giving her a free pass on my distain, because that is certainly NOT the case. I simply assume that everyone saw and comprehended exactly how bad that the Clintons ran this country and I think that we, the thinking people, can all agree on that. Let me know if I am mistaken, I certainly can make a very cogent case why Hillary should be imprisoned if I need to do that. Or if not imprisoned, at least flogged at the well in the town square.

Anyhoo, I posted yesterday on this, when I finally fleshed out the "ideas" that Barry holds for his savioristically challenged heathcare program and the way that he intends to finance this gianormous giveaway "risky scheme" for failures.

This is a chart of tax revenue compiled by the Internal Revenue Service showing the taxes paid by what groups. If you will notice, this is the graphic from after the "Bush" tax cuts. There is not one elected official in Washington DC that does not know these statistics. In the history of of taxes in this country, every single time that tax cuts were implemented, the revenue has always INCREASED. Those of you who are economically challenged say, "This is simply not true, it cannot happen." Do not fret, the explanation is contained in this post.

Also notice on this chart, that the top twenty-five percent of wage earners pay for eighty-five percent of the costs of this country doing business. I have pointed this fact out many, many times in the past and people still ask about this concept. You see, people who do not make money, do not pay taxes. Simple.

When the "Bush" tax cuts were implemented, that set into motion the spending of money for expansion of businesses. Homes, too, boats, cars, horses, nuclear accelerators, you get the gist. Please understand that small business makes up around eighty percent of the jobs in this country. Remember, there are very few large cities and there are very few large corporations. You know Hank down to the corner store? He is a businessman and he got a tax cut. Then he hired Rory, that new stock boy, with that extra money. Nice kid, huh? Well, he pays taxes, too.

Also recall, unemployment is at its lowest level ever in the history of this country. Yes, there is around four percent unemployment. My personal opinion is that this level might be a little too low, try to get a good order of fries from McDonald's right now. Ain't gonna happen.

Oh yeah, taxes. Since Hank got that money back that had been confiscated by the Fed, he immediately hired a new "TAXPAYER." This increased the amount of money entering the system. He also bought that new chiller for storage of even more fresh meat because he plans on expanding the store. All of those purchases add to the taxable merchandise that is in the system. Not only does the state of New California receive state tax, but there is also a refrigerant tax on R-134a, the refrigerant in Hank's new chiller. See that snowball rolling down the hill, Frodo?

Now, let's look at the economy since the Democrats took control of the country again. The curve plummets. Why? Because the first thing that they pushed through was an increase in Rory's wages. Hank had to let Rory go because he was a stockboy that was going to high school. Hank now just works another three hours later per day and does that stocking hmself. And you know what? He doesn't even pay himself an hourly wage for doing it! Hank's crazy like that. Guess what that increase in the minimum wage did? It killed Hank's expansion because instantaneously it increased the amount of money that Pinnacle Construction wanted for the addition to Hank's store and Hank could not afford it.

And Stanley, Pinnacle's President, had to let Shirley go because he couldn't afford to pay her that damn much money for filing and typing letters. Not that filing and typing isn't important, but you know the ruse, a thousand monkeys, a thousand typewriters. Shit look at this blog. Six monkeys, one typewriter. (No computer, Two Dogs? Nope. I fax the hard copy to my phone and upload the "paper" to this blog. No computer involved at all!)

Conclusion. Barry's idea. Stupid. He proposes to pay for this huge federal program by allowing the tax cuts for the top wage earners to expire. What does this do? R-I-G-H-T. It DECREASES revenue into the Fed. How does he pay for more stuff with less money? He will simply come out and say that there have been some start-up costs overruns that were not noticed and taxes go up yet again. And what does this do? Yes, it continues the downward spiral of less and less revenue. This is the exact same thing that Jimmy Carter did and what happened then?

You know the facts. You know the drill. What do we do? Correct, we vote for John McCain and then find someone the day after the elections to start campaigning for 2012. If you do not understand these very basic concepts, give me a call and I will explain this further.


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The cartoon at the beginning of this post was stolen from Randall Munroe. You go there everyday from this point forward. Go.