Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Books Bloggers Should Own

And by bloggers, I mean everyone. Everyone should blog.

Get out the checkbook, Homer, it's time to buy some books. These are not suggestions, these are demands. I am not the smartest person in the world and I am most definitely not the richest, but my belief is that people should read more than they write and should listen more than they talk. Women, just try for like twenty-five/seventy-five, on the talk/listen ratio, sorry that is supposed to the listen/talk ratio, we know your limitations and accept them with joy. Trust me, men do understand that you have been dealing with the kids all day and need to talk to an adult. Ha.

1. A damn dictionary. I get so tired of people telling me, "Well, I ran it through the spellchecker." Example, on Hillary's website she is going to "Reign in spending." Every word is spelled correctly, but the word is "rein." Moron. Rain, reign, rein. Get it? HERE.

2. The Elements of Style. It is tiny, too. Chock-full of good stuff. I never use it. HERE.

3. A damn thesaurus. I make the mistake of using the same word over and over. It's a damn miracle that I have a single reader. HERE.

4. The Bible. I run into so many people that argue their opinion into the ground using scripture. That is fine, IF, and only if, you know what you are talking about. I am a "conservative" that tries to follow Biblical teaching. The first thing that someone tries to do to discredit my opinions, is whup out the Bible. Trust me, that isn't the way to beat me down, I'm Catholic, we kinda depart from some of that stuff. HERE's a very nice one.

5. And finally, Atlas Shrugged. It is a gianormous endeavor, but one worth your while. I know plenty of people that despise the book, yet follow closely the basic principles outlined here. To me, it is inspirational and placed a name to everything that I have understood since the age of four. Until I read this book ten years ago, I thought that I was a monster. Now I know who the real monsters are. HERE. (It's got sex and violence, too. You know that you like that.)

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