Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Blackuary 27 -2008 It's All About the Jobs, Bra Bro

On this day, Blackuary 27 in the year of 1939, the Supreme Court outlawed "sit-down strikes." Just so you know, sit-down strikes are a form of labor rebellion against management where the workers just sit down at their stations and do nothing. Sounds just like "work" at a vast majority of places these days. Congress leaps immediately to mind. Every Federal building kinda crops up, too. Hey! Here's an easy and rarely talked about one, the DMV. *ba-dumph-boomp-crash*

This all started with that damn World War Number One. You see, Blacks were sent to fight in Europe and found out that there were Blacks doing okay over there. Well, not okay, but they were not as oppressed as the Blacks were in our country. Remember, Europe is a shithole, it has always been a shithole, and at the time, they were embracing the socialist, communist, fascist routines with glee. A. Phillip Randolph coined these returning soldiers, "The New Negroes." Who's Randolph? Okay. (By the way, if you have never been to Europe, the cities literally smell like thousand year old urine. Try to get that out of your nasal passages.)

A. Phillip Randolph was an assimiliated Negro. He hung out with white folks his entire life. He embraced the tenets of Communism and the Radical Left. Of course, they were kinda called "Conservatives" back then though. He also followed a dude from the Virgin Islands named Hubert Henry Harrison, who moved to Harlem and became some kind of shit-stirrer and avowed socialist. Enough background? Got the gist that we are talking about the old time conservatives, right?

Randolph began to organize Black labor movements, he started with elevators in New York and then moved to sleeping cars for trains. Basically what I am saying is that Randolph did not do anything, he just tried to provoke people with jobs to try to increase their wages, not by producing more or performing better quality work, but by strong-arm tactics. This attitude doesn't stem for his concern for Blacks at all, I pointed out that he was assimilated, this was about promoting Communism.

Finally around 1935, Randolph had blackmailed and extorted power with the Pullman Company (you know them, they made the best train cars in the world) to force them to allow his labor union to provide the workers for their company. You ought to see those cars now, they are NONEXISTENT because the labor unions broke the damn company!

Now, let's delve more into the man instead of the absolute lack of accomplishment in his life. Oh, he is a Black Superhero is some circles.

Remember, he hung with the Whites. He also made friends with the Jews that put together a little known organization called the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. No, Blacks had very little to do with the formation of the NAACP, it was mainly radical Jews. Check that, I'll wait.

Alrighty then. You see, the labor unions that were formed by Randolph were never concerned with the elevation of his race, they were concerned with forcing the United States of America to move toward the Communist dream and they succeeded swimmingly. Understand, please, labor unions provide very few jobs, they just bascially take money from workers and provide nothing. Everyone loses money when unions are involved. It is a group-think mentality that captivates people that worship at the altar of individual suckism. I get paid the same amount as Oscar that ain't made a damn shoe in weeks!

Fast forward, in 1950, Randolph decided that he really wanted to make money. He formed a group that "promoted" civil rights equality that became the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights. Supposedly, the group has been the major player in every piece of civil rights legislation since 1957. However, now its main deal is their awards dinner. Wonder who has won those awards? Well, one of this year's honorees was the supreme moron John Conyers. Whew! Awesome.

Back to Randolph. After the Pullman Company allowed his group of "don't want to work" laborers to take over, the laborers quickly formed a means of reducing production. It was the sit-down strike. They would sit at their stations and nothing would happen. The company couldn't hire more workers because there was a UNION employee sitting there. Not doing a damn thing.

This one man has done more to stifle the economic growth of Blacks than any other person in the history of the world and for that, President Lyndon Baines Johnson awarded him the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Hey, he was just patting someone on the back that accomplished something that he had been trying to do all his life. Make someone renounce their indivivualism and refuse to perform at the highest capability that he or she could. And remember how much Johnson loved the chocolate, oh wait, that's right, everything that Johnson did was for the sole purpose of destroying the Black race.

Not only that, there is a statue of Randolph in Union Station in DC and he was the inspiration behind the founding of CORE. Google it.

It's philosophy, y'all. Learn who your heroes are. And guess which Presidential candidate counts A. Phillip Randolph as one of his heroes?

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Hey, do understand that the vast majority of my information for this article does not come from Wikipedia, it comes from my head and it's right.