Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Blackuary 5 - 2008

On this day, Blackuary 5, in the year of 1919, United Artists was formed. "What the Hell has that got to do with Black History, Two Dogs?" Glad you asked, because I am going to tell you. If you will stretch your brain back to Blackuary 3, 2008, you will recall that I mentioned D.W. Griffith, the pioneering director of racist movies that quoted much of Democrat Woodrow Wilson's book.

Well, it seems that Griffith, along with Charlie Chaplin, Mary Pickford, and Douglas Fairbanks, formed United Artists on this very date. One other partner was included and that was William Gibbs McAdoo, who was Secretary of the Treasury for the Wilson Administration. He also married Wilson's daughter, but what is really interesting about this lifelong Democrat is that he kept running for public office throughout his lifetime and his primary backing came from the Klan. Oh, and also remember, all of the founders of UA were Communist sympathizers later in life, but that is another story.

So you think that the Klan is a Right-Wing organization? It seems not from the in depth analysis done by the thousands upon thousands of articles done on that group and their backers. You see, we have perverted all terminology in this country.

Today's "Progressives" are yesterday's oppressors. They share the same ideology with the so-called "Conservatives" from way back when. Somewhere along the line, we simply switched logos. And now, we even go so far as to talk about Communism, Fascism, and Dictatorships are being Right-Wing. Well, historically they are, but since the Brand Name change, not so much.

The platforms today, pushed by the so-called "Progressives" are exactly the same as the "Conservatives" of the slavery era. Oh, so y'all are all for affordable housing, a job for everyone, and free healthcare? Yes, it seems that slave-owners were all for that as well.

When Throckmorton Sillingsbain, III bought a bunch of Negroes from their families in Africa, he wanted to make sure that they were all in good health because they were not much good to him if they were sick. Neither were they any good to him if they did not have ample food to eat or a roof over their heads. Granted, those standards were marginally met, but so is the nature of getting something for nothing. If you call breaking your back bringing in the cotton, nothing.

We have continued to gloss over the ideas that dismantle our independence and individuality that was so hard to win from our oppressors in England. Life in this country was hard from the get-go, but it was made much harder by the inclusion of oppressive government from people that were unaffected by their actions. Does this strike any chords with you?

Today, the Black community has more opportunity in this country than at any other time and in any other place, yet something is amiss. Can it be that there exists a movement to remove the individuality from the equation and fall into lock-step with a protected group? Of course, because no one wants to be known as an "Uncle Tom."

Point in case, arguably the most powerful Black man in this country is Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. Do you remember the hearings where the Democrats paraded out Anita Hill to talk about him as if he were dirt? Yes, it became easily understood by most thinking people that Hill was lying, but to this day, she preaches her hate from college lecterns and has never been shunned by the Left, like most liars should be. But, Thomas is hated by Blacks. Hinky.

Enough of this crap.

UA has always been home to the James Bond series, the Rocky series, the Pink Panther series, the LOTR series, and one other group of movies, Michael Moore's. Not only have they been backers of every bit of Left-Wing drivel to vomit down the pike, they have their very roots in the soil of the Klan.

Now, United Artists is owned by a consortium put together by Tom Cruise.

Tangent: You know, a big fat hairy deal has been made about Mississippi Legislators pushing the "No Fatty Service" bill lately. That is pretty stupid, but it will be law of the land if we are force fed government healthcare. As dumb as those sound, following is the dumbest piece of legislation of which I have heard.

On this day, Blackuary 5, in the year of 1897, the Indiana House of Representatives unanimously passed a measure redefining the area of a circle and the value of pi.

"Hey, that area thing is just too hard to remember, let's just make a law to say that all circles have equal area and then we don't have to bring pi into it."

"You know, we could just change the value of pi."

Also, on this day, Blackuary 5, in the year of 1972, Bob Douglas becomes the first Black inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame. Before that time, Blacks sucked at roundball.

Finally, on this day, Blackuary 5, in the year of 1994, Byron De La Beckwith is convicted of the murder of Medgar Evers, the NAACP's first field operative in Mississippi. HERE's an incredibly cogent article about that shit. This trial was brought to you by none other than the Civil Rights Act of 1871. But, we already know about that Act, right?

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