Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Blackuary 6 - 2008

On this day, Blackuary 6, in the year of 1820, the first eighty-six (86) colonists arrived to found a colony in present day Liberia. "Oh crap, now you are just reaching to come up with stuff, Two Dogs!"

Hear, me out. Those colonists were BLACK and they were sent from the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! What the Hell? That means that slavery had only been happening for about two hundred years when y'all started stuff to do away with it!

Yes, there was an organization formed to return Blacks to their ancestor's homeland. The Society for the Colonization of Free People of Color of America was formed to make sure that Black folks got back to where they started. And not only that, the United States government paid for it!

For sake of brevity, from this point forward I shall refer to this wonderful organization as the ACS, because damn, can you imagine the damn size of the business cards that you would have to have to print "The Society for the Colonization of Free People of Color of America" on them? Minimum, six feet long. Remember that acronym, Lisey. Also, the ACS helped to relocate at least thirteen thousand (13,000) people back to Africa. Damn, that was a time when it took forever in some piece of crap sailing ship.

Anyway, the main reason that organization was started was not because of white guilt over slavery which did not exist until recently, but because Northerners feared the influx of cheaper labor and the competition that it brought. You see, for the most part, Northerners have always been little nancy-boys that were afraid of competition. Coupled with the fact that they were vehemently opposed to any type of integration of the Black man into their areas. (I really think that it is because the men up North are all gay or just like little, pale, no-assed goofy-looking women that drink tea with their pinky extended to mimic the size of the men's junk up there.) Yes, those Northeast Liberals were always Socialists/Fascists at heart, they were just called Conservatives at the time. And they have always tried to establish enclaves of socialism everywhere they have flounced. But, that is just white history, not to be discussed this month.

And since the Southerners always wanted everyone happy, they did the work because the Notherners wouldn't be caught dead even talking to a Black person. Yeah, so far up until this time, the South handled all of this country's business. Remember, Virginia is the South. (And not to piss off the people from Pennsylvania, we know that y'all are like us and actually helped run the damn country, too. Remember, Birmingham, Alabama was modeled on Pittsburg. Pittsburg, which, I might add, is referred to as Shitsburg by the elite Northeasterners and their ilk.)

Back to Liberia and the ACS. At the time of the inception of the ACS, there were about 1.3 million Blacks in this country. Of those, about one eighth were freemen. So, in the entire time that the ACS conducted business, about nine percent of those people were sent "home," then the money ran out. The money that was mainly taken by government from slaveowners anyway. Que sera, sera.

More: The first colony was established by the crew and the passengers of the Elizabeth. It didn't do so hot, because a bunch of them caught yellow fever and stuff like that in nasty Africa. Yes, even two hundred years ago, Africa was the armpit of the world. It sucked as bad then as it does now. Probably much, much worse. Keep in mind that the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA has given over six sixteen trillion dollars to governments in Africa over the years. Good Lord! Yes, we have supported Africa and by definition, the Black race in general.

The second colony was on Providence Island near what is the present day capital of Monrovia, which was named after our President James Monroe. The land for this colony was purchased by AMERICANS from the local kings. It took a little while for the negotiations to occur, because Africa did not want these people to be there. They didn't like Black people. Eventually, the local kings agreed to sell the land for some tobacco, rum, (not cognac) some shoes, and some umbrellas, true. Plus, they wanted an Escalade rolling on dubs with a kicking-ass deck, but those had not been invented yet, not true.

To further bloster the population of the region, the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA began to free Congo natives that were bound for areas unknown on slave ships. Yes, the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA freed those Africans from other countries that were taking them to slavery. The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA attacked other countries to free Black folks. Did you get it? THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

And to add insult to injury, the state of Mississippi (the area of the birth of hate and racism) formed the Mississippi State Colonization Society in 1834. Our state formed the Port Cresson Colony that was destroyed by native Africans in 1835. We did not give up on those natives that were killing their own and founded the Bassa Cove Colony a little while later on the ruins of Port Cresson. I'm guessing that we, the State of Mississippi, did that because we hate, hate, hate Black folks.

I am not making a value judgment on the direction of the ACS, I am just saying that there are a bunch of people that are screaming for reparations for the Black race because of slavery. The vast, overwhelming majority of Blacks in this country are not descendents of slaves. I am sorry, it is simply not true. Yes, there are some, but most are not. If your ancestors were slaves, be proud that they survived a terrible ordeal to bring the family along. Their strength was immeasurable, is yours? If you are whining to get paid for someone's suffering that you never even knew existed, I would say that you are a little on the stupid side. And lazy. And unmotivated. And a drain on all society, including your race.

In the words of the immortal James Evans, "Junior, you're Black, be proud." What that means in my mind is not necessarily to be proud because you are Black, but to simply be proud and Black. You can only do something about one of those traits.

Now folks, I say all of this to bring us to this point, if you are Black and you think that the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is to blame for your failure, dig your head from your bella bunda* and guess again. If you want to move to Africa from this country, that makes you an idiot that wants to live in squallor. If you want to blame this country (or anyone for that matter) for your plight, that makes you spineless. And if you want to hitch your cart to every other Black person in the world simply because of the color of your skin, that makes you a racist sheep.

Oh, and the program would have continued with financing from European countries, but abolishionists kept that from happening. Again, i don't know whether the program was right or wrong, but those that opposed slavery were the ones that kept the Black folks here. You figure out which way that it should have gone.

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*bella bunda means nice ass, by the way.