Sunday, February 03, 2008

Blackuary Three - 2008

On this day, Blackuary 3, in the year of 1870, final ratification of Amendment Fifteen was accomplished. This little chunk of governmentese gave the right to vote to all males that met other voting requirements and held citizenship in this country. And by "this country," I mean the United States of America. Basically what Big Number 15 did is remove the restrictions for Black males. Even after ratification, no woman of any race was allowed to vote. That complete dismantling of intelligence in this country did not occur until 1920 with the ratification of Amendment Nineteen.

And another Amendment was also ratified on Blackuary 3. The Sixteenth Amendment was rammed down our throats in 1913. This hunk of crap allowed the United States Congress to levee an income tax on the citizens without the permission of the States. Hooray! This also foretold the humongous beginning of the Congress slamming a bunch of stuff down upon the populace and literally dismantling the entire Constitution. When I type the word "literally," I do mean literally.

But since this is Blackuary, we shall tackle the Fifteenth Amendment and the prior "Reconstruction Amendments." Plus, we will stumble through other legislation that was accomplished by the only political party that has ever pushed for equality of all citizens. And maybe, we will discover some blatant lies in the process.

Thirteen: Ratified 1865, abolished slavery. Remember the Emancipation Proclamation (1862) only freed slaves in the states that jumped ship and left the Union. This amendment actually only freed the slaves in the two remaining slave states. Delaware and Kentucky. By the way, only ONE Democrat dared sign this legislation, Senator John B. Henderson (Democrat, Missouri). All other slaves had been freed by individual state legislation.

Fourteen: Ratified 1868, removed the three-fifths crap that had been law of the land until this time. This actually produced the path to allow former slaves to become citizens of this country and led the way to the Fifteenth. This also removed the restrictions that had kept the South from having appropriate representation in the Congress. Don't worry, the North would continue to keep the South from having a chance by other crap designed to keep the poor whites in their place.

Fifteen: Ratified 1870, allowed Black men the right to vote. Not only that, but it also ushered in the era that exists to this very day of the Republican Party fighting the Democrats tooth and nail for the rights of Black folks. Which of course leads us to the discussion of the Klan.

The Ku Klux Klan was an organization founded in 1865, by six educated, middle-class Democrats from Pulaski, Tennessee. The sole purpose of the Klan was to terrorize Republicans, both Black and White. Republicans were individualists; they opposed the strengthening of a centralized powerful Federal government, as they supposedly do now. The Klan was not formed as a racially based hate group, but one of political oppression. They also advocated restriction of gun ownership to people that opposed them politically. Sound familiar?

Republican President Ulysses Grant lobbied for passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1871 penned by Benjamin Franklin Butler of Massachusetts. Here's a little about Butler, just so you can try him on for size. Prior to the Civil War, Butler was affiliated with the Democrat party and vehemently opposed Stephen Douglas because of his Pro-Slavery stances. Weirdly enough Douglas' opponent was Jefferson Davis, who was anti-slavery. When the Pro-Slavery Douglas won the nomination, Butler switched parties to the Republicans. Want to check those facts? You should.

Also know this, Butler later rejoined the Democrat Party in his home state of Massachusetts because there was no way for him to get elected as a Republican. Oddly, he continued to promote Republicans in most major elections and he kinda got blackballed for that. Take that, Joe Leiberman!

Fast-forward to today and the Civil Rights Act of 1871, passed by Republicans, is the law that has allowed for today's trials regarding the stuff that went on during the Sixties where the Klan killed a bunch of people that did not share their "Progressive" ideas. The killings of Chaney, Goodman, and Schwerner were avenged, much to the dismay of the Democrats of the 1960's, by the laws passed by Republicans over one hundred years earlier. Senator Robert Byrd (Dumbass-WV) will probably weigh in on that later in this post.

Anyhoo, the Civil Rights act of 1871, basically was written to force the Klan underground. It accomplished that goal, but the Democrat hate-group still exists even now. Granted there are only about eight thousand idiots in the Klan today, but still they send their dues to their local Democrat headquarters. As far as historically, it wasn't until the election of Woodrow Wilson (Democrat), that the Klan began to ooze from their forced hiding.

This is the Klan in Anaheim, California, circa 1926. Anaheim was transformed into a model Klan city, when the Klan took over the City Council. At the time, the only people that helped battle the Klan were the Republicans and Catholics. Since these two groups represented a small portion of the population, the good guys frequently lost the battles.

Most of the violence perpetrated by the Klan did occur in the South, however that is not because of any elevated tendency toward racism in the region, but because of the Democrat dominance of all political offices. In places that offices were held by Republicans, that violence did not exist. The main resurgence of the Klan happened only in primarily Democrat urban areas with a growing Black population such as Detroit, Memphis, Dayton, Atlanta, Dallas and Houston.

This resurgence was kicked off by a film (which included many quotes from Woodrow Wilson's History of the American People) made by pioneering director, D. W. Griffith in 1913, which eventually led to lynching in Atlanta of Leo Frank, a Jewish man accused of killing a white, thirteen year old girl that was in his employ at his pencil factory. The Atlanta Journal Constitution grabbed the story and kicked the Anti-Semites into overdrive. Also, implicit in his lynching, were The Washington Post and The Jeffersonian. White Democrats lynched Frank after his death sentence was commuted to life imprisonment because additional evidence had surfaced to point the guilt in another direction which added to the fear that the Jew would be released.

Yes, the lynchers were all Southerners, as were all area residents, but more importantly, they were all Democrats. The WHOLE story about Leo Frank.

Also, Democrat President Franklin Delano Roosevelt appointed a Klansman to the Supreme Court. Hugo Black was nominated in 1937 and confirmed by the Senate 63-13. The Senate consisted of 76 Democrats and 16 Republicans. Guess who voted which way? He served until 1971.

I think that this is sufficient information to digest. Proven racists include: The Democrat Party, filmmakers, and journalists. How does one come to the conclusions that these groups are NOW the major friends of the Black race? Stay tuned.

And here is video from the "Democrat Conscience of the Senate," the receiver of a 100% rating from the NAACP, and the third in line for the Presidency since the Democrats have regained control of Congress. A man that in 2004, Chris Dodd (Dumbass-Conn), said "would have made a great President, even during the Civil War." And guess how long it took Dodd to get in trouble for his words? Well, the media never called him on it like they did Trent Lott (Republican-MS). Wonder why?

Yes, you waited long enough, here's Klan Exalted Cyclops and Democrat Senator Robert Byrd and his comments in 2001.

Damn, he sounds so articulate for a moron, huh?

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