Sunday, February 03, 2008

The Idiots Among Us

Blogger appears to be acting up in post mode this morning, but I have something that you simply have to see and I can't upload the pictures. So you will have to visit the site that has it posted. Wear some rubber gloves or something, these "people" are really nasty. If you do not like bad language, maybe you shouldn't click THIS link. The link leads directly to a message board on that wonderful "Progressive" site, Democratic Underground. It seems that those tee-total morons staged a little protest in Kansas a couple of days ago and this page has a couple of the photographs, as well as some really classy comments.

Debate style = 10 points. Thank goodness the Left is so open minded and intelligent. This is actually the first post where the label "Leftards and Dumbasses" is simply not harsh enough. I honestly think that the Secret Service should investigate half of these protestors, their hatred for our President appears to be personally threatening.

Oh, and they can vote. Can you please tell me who the Hell raised these "people?"

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