Wednesday, February 20, 2008

New Feature!

I have decided since I have gotten into a ridiculous debate with an admitted moron (well, I admit he is a moron) about the amount of criminals in the Democrat Party versus the Republican Party, I will start linking to Warner Todd Huston every time he publishes a "Democrat or Not?" article. Mr. Huston has made it his life's work to point out the number of times a Democrat is arrested and their party affiliation is not listed in the media. So far, I count thirty-seven Democrat officials arrested in this country since the start of the new year. And oddly, only four Republicans.

Do I think that most Republicans have more integrity than most Democrats? Of course, but that is not giving the Republicans a compliment at all. I am just saying that they are less corrupt than most elected and appointed Democrats, all of whom are corrupt. D = felony. R = misdemeanor.

HERE's more.

Never forget that over one hundred people involved with the Clinton Administration were either found guilty or pled guilty to crimes while working for the Clintons. They ran the most corrupt political machine that we have seen in years, probably since the Daly's in Chicago. Oh, yeah, the Daly family? Democrats.

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