Wednesday, February 20, 2008

WTW - More Transportation Funnies

I know you are thinking, "What the Hell is that?"

This, my reader, is the concrete car race at MSU School of Architecture, with me on the left, and Tommy 5 on the right. Tommy 5 and Sultan joint-ventured to produce their odd looking means of propulsion. Notice, Tommy 5 is wearing his helmet backwards. And their front wheels are from a skateboard and duct-taped onto the concrete. Yeah, they were drunk.

The guy over my right shoulder is Myers, who is really, really, not a dumbass, but his car made him look like one when he rode? drove? it. His horseshit car was pretty fast.

Long story, less long. We built cars from a cubic yard of concrete (or two, I can't remember) for Materials class and then raced them down a big hill and had to make a ninety degree right turn at the bottom of the hill.

All said and done, this was the only interesting thing that I accomplished in five years of college. And my team member, McQuade still has our car. And it is still awesome, they used our design to produce the "Car of Tomorrow" for the NASCAR circuit. I think that might be a lie.

(Hat-Tip: Ting for sending me the photos, dammit, will you send the other damn photos you told me a month ago that you were going to send? Or I will publish the photos that I have of you in the equestrian hat that you wore. I ain't kidding.)

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CreativeChaos said...

Oh my god, Tommy looks like he is on the special olympic team!!!

Paul Mitchell said...

And he came in second in this race, that means he was a loser in the special Olympics.

Damn, I miss those sunglasses that I had back then.

Anonymous said...

Now I know what it means when somebody says, "it handles like two cubic yards of concrete."

Paul Mitchell said...

Believe it or not, Mark, our car had rudder steering and had a very low center of gravity, it literally would turn on a dime. You couldn't stop it for shit though once it started rolling, it weighed about five hundred pounds.

Anonymous said...

A fun ride until the end. :) m.

Paul Mitchell said...

Yeah, luckily the roll out area was pretty long. McQuade only wrecked our car about five times by turning too sharply. We found out that concrete doesn't dent.

And Ting crashed our car into someone's automobile that was parked in the area where we were building them. Funny as hell.

Oh, those were the days.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. Sexy.


Paul Mitchell said...

What, no more fat jokes? Damn.

Anonymous said...

Actually, your friend in the red t-shirt is kinda hot. Would he mess around with brothers?

He has to bottom, of course.

Paul Mitchell said...

Hell yeah he would, his wife might have a problem with it though. Well, maybe not if it paid well enough.

That was hilarious. I can't call you a "troll" now.

Anonymous said...

She can watch. ;)

Paul Mitchell said...

Dude, that is just so gay.