Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Captain Obvious Reports - Barry Lies

Sorry to point out the glaring and obvious lies of the Obamessiah, but THIS is getting a little silly. If there is still anyone in this entire country that doesn't know that Barry Obama will be extremely bad for our nation, please give me a call so you can get the skinny.

Yes, I know that ALL politicians lie. Yes, I know that there has not been one smidgen of truth from Barry's campaign. Yes, I know he is a dense as a block of some really dense stuff, but come on man, if you say something to one person and another something to another person that completely contradicts what you said to the first person, do you not think that both are going to tell the press that you are FOR their pet issue? YOU ARE RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT, MORON.

From this point forward, Democrats must refuse to vote. Y'all have nominated 1. the most liberal Senator in the Capital and 2. a person that has proven that she cannot tell the truth about a damn thing and is more crooked than something that defines crooked.

If you possess one little shred of decency, you will boycott your party until they decide to make at least a cursory attempt to read the Constitution. That would include being in the same room as the printed text, too. Just saying.

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Skunkfeathers said...

Since when have Demmies meant what they said and said what they meant in public? And when they actually do slip with what they really mean, "it was taken out of context".

Paul Mitchell said...

I would pay good damn money to hear McCain say, "The first thing that I will do as President is to push through the total funding for the missile defense system and to ramp up production of nuclear weapons."

He would have my total support then because that is the exact opposite of what Barry said he would do.