Thursday, March 06, 2008

Democrats Finally Show True Colors

UPDATE: It was DEMOCRATS. They also e-mailed photos to eight House Democrats claiming it is their protest against the war. Malkin has MORE.

We have known for a long time exactly how the Democrats react to our military. This morning, an activist chunked a friggin' bomb into a recruiting station in New York. THIS is NOT free speech people. It is an act of terrorism by the party of the moonbats.

Two choices, Muslims or Democrats. Take your pick and call it what it is. This person deliberately targeted our military, which two groups hate our military?

I blame Barry Obama's wife, Michelle. The very same Michelle Robinson who used to work for Mayor Daley in Chicago.

So, Barry is to blame in a round about way. His "peccadilloes" are coming through in glaring fashion these days especially when his patron simply cannot find the time to vet her own personal business. Oh yeah, Orpah's shitty book list has again promoted a made up biography. Know your candidates, folks.

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