Thursday, March 06, 2008

Sometimes Bloggers Are Wrong!

I was just catching up on my feeds and found that there is a meme going around the blogs this morning that the Air Force has blocked blogs from being read. THIS IS NOT TRUE! IT IS NOT TRUE! IT IS 100% FALSE!

ALL government computers that have access to sensitive information have been blocked from social networking sites, like Facebook and My Space, for five months. How do I know this? Because Bean (who is deployed) has been unable to post from her work computer since October. Why would the military do this? Oh, shit, I don't know, maybe to keep hackers out of the damn system?

Not only that, the military sent out a memo in November REQUESTING that mil-bloggers discontinue blogging about operations. I have no idea who all received that memo, but Bean got it and told me to restrict my blogging about her deployment.

Still to this day, you can access blogs on a secure computer if you simply subscribe to the feed. You cannot post, but that is a damn smart move, folks. Also, most military installations have group computers in the phone room or some other place where you can still access your blogs to post.

Quit trashing our military, damn you!

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