Thursday, March 20, 2008

For the Love of All That's Holy!

I watched the Barry Obama "Not Racism Tour Speech." Earmuffs for those of you would do not want to hear bad language, but I gotta do it. I am sorry, G_d please forgive me for what I am about to do. The full video is at the bottom of this post, embedded from Barry's You Tube, if you do not believe my take on it.

Barry's speech was 37:39 of utter shit. Seriously, there cannot be anyone that has ever heard a political campaign speech that thinks this crap is anything at all. The DAMN crowd didn't even like it. The only time that they clap at all, other than when he finishes, is at 32:59 when he talks about pulling out of Iraq. That is it. There is only cursory applause at a few other times, but this speech was not rousing at all.

If there is anyone, anyone at all, that thinks this speech was inspiring, he/she/dumb fucking wetbrain is a moronic, fucking imbecile. If there is one single human being that decided to vote for Barry because of this speech, there simply has to be a damn test to vote, right this damn minute. It was about NOTHING. Not one damn thing and the crowd agreed.

Here's my notes:

00:00 Barry's wrongness on the constitution. The founders did not create a democracy. They created a REPUBLIC, you dumbass. Blah, blah, blah.

02:40 I have returned to elementary school with a teacher that simply has to prove that they are stupid. Barry is telling me what the founders meant and that the constitution is a living document because the founders want the country to work toward perfection.

03:55 He is talking about privilege and Michelle's slave and slave owner family. He is telling everyone that he cannot be racist because of all things around him. Because of his genetics. White mama, Black deddy. You know the drill.

05:25 People in the whitest states voted for him. He cannot be racist.

06:22 Only in the last two weeks has this Presidential race been about race.

06:59 He says he has already condemned Wright's statements. So, he ain't gonna do it again.

07:20 Admits he heard controversy, but WE have all done that and sat and listened.

08:25 Wright's comments were divisive at a time when we need unity. Climate change, fuck.

09:11 "Given my background, to some, my disassociation will not be enough." And the defense of Wright starts.....WAIT, Barry's shoes can still be seen hanging out of Jeremiah Wright's ass. You ain't brown-nosing enough, Barry. You really have to get up in there, big fella.

10:32 Dreams-quotes about Trinity and how he saw the Blacks merging with the stories of David and Goliath, then more about the hope from the Bible became OUR hope. He means Black folks...not Americans. Where's the quote about Jewish doctors injected Black babies with HIV?

12:36 Again, it is our misconception of the church that is the problem, not the pastor. Some shit about Black Americans and Wright is his family. "I can no more disown him as I can my white grandmother." He's gonna throw grandma under the bus.

14:05 His White grandma goes under the bus. Geez, she raised you, you ungrateful piece of shit, even when your one damn parent abandoned you.

14:42 It's time to move on. Compares Ferraro to Wright. Take that Hillary!


16:23 Faulkner quote. He gotta gets dem White Democrats back on his side.

17:00 Schools still aren't fixed after 50 years of Brown. And now more and more injustices towards Blacks after saying he was not going to talk about that two minutes ago. And it continues forever. More about what cities did purposely toward Black communities. Oh, but let's eschew that victim mentality. Captain Contradiction wrote this speech.

19:00 This is where he should talking about Condi and Thomas. But instead it dissolves into chastising racists for the failures of individuals of the Black race. That kinda sounds like racist victimhood. No, it IS racist victimhood.

21:05 Continues chastising Blacks for being angry. But that is caused because misunderstanding between the races. A-N-D, it's Whitey's fault. Dang, he can't stop saying that.

21:52 Talking about Whites building things from scratch. And then it twists into blaming White folks. But, he still tries to corral the Reagan revolution as his own. Weird. I am really guessing that the ghost of Reagan is going to kick Barry's Half-Cracker ass.

23:38 Corporate culture has questionable accounting practices and lobbyists own DC.

24:25 He talks about a racist stalemate being four years long. Why is this racial stalemate only four years long? He was just talking about 600 years of slavery. (By the way, the first slave arrived in this country in the early 1600's, slavery was abolished in 1865. Remember 1492 was when Columbus found this New World. 265 years, total.)

27:05 CNN throws up the blurb that says "Obama: not naive enough to believe that our problems will be repaired in one election cycle." If he said something to that effect, I missed it totally, I could rewind, but my time in Hell is limited to one listening to this shitty speech. But here's my thoughts: (Shit, shit, shit, he's already running for reelection? Damn, the recession has become an all-out depression, unemployment is back at 20% like under Carter. Home mortgages have all been abolished because the government now owns all property and businesses. Why the Hell would we give him another chance, but at least we have nationalized healthcare and all the real doctors retired, so we get our medical staff from India. My doctor, Dr. Patel, told me today that he makes minimum wage and he is happy! That's five times what he could make back home. Now if I can only figure out how to shove these tea leaves up my ass to cure my cancer like he told me. I never knew that shoving something up your ass could cure anything, but Hell, he's a doctor!)

28:22 Let's spend some damn money! Global warming and education. Yeah, the Fed is responsible for education. Moron.

29:41 We can accept politics of division and then some crap about the OJ trial. Oh, I get it, blacks thought OJ was innocent and whites didn't. Racial divide. No, just blatantly stupid people.

30:17 Talking about Ferraro's gaff again. On your knees Hillary.


31:19 Always lead with "Black" but then pause and then add the others. Damn, this guy is militant.

31:50 Healthcare bullshit. What a friggin' moron. Mills with no jobs, homes getting repo'ed. Corporations sending jobs overseas in search for nothing but a profit. "I, Barry Obama, have no idea what the Hell I am talking about. I cannot think because my head is completely up my ass."

32:46 I just realized that he is actually advocating re-writing the constitution. Huh? This time..this time....this time?

32:59 Talks about Iraq and a war that should have never been authorized, waged, THERE'S THE CLAPPING. First time that I knew there was an audience.

33:16 He talks about giving vets the benefits they have earned and one person clapped. ONE! Naw, Barry supporters do not hate our country. This really is about getting out of Iraq. There have been no other applause breaks at all except for that.

33:54 Let's flog that dead Change horse. Giddy-up Change Horse! Oh, damn, this horse stanks! Now wonder, it's d-e-a-d.

34:14 He spoke on King's birthday at Ebeneezer. Ashley someone was telling him about what happened when she was nine. Mama got sick, no insurance, bankruptcy. Oh shit, it's healthcare. Mustard and relish sandwiches. It was not 'cause of those Blacks on welfare or Mexicans coming into the country and taking jobs. You just have to listen to this, I am gonna vomit. Kumbaya, my Lord, kumbaya. I ain't laughing, Lord, Kumbaya.

36:40 Elderly Black man there because of Ashley. And that is where the perfection begins.

37:39 Mercifully I am spared from any more drivel. And no crowd at all. I counted sixteen claps. Really.

In conclusion, if this is the only political speech that you have ever heard in your life, then it has to be the best one, if you have heard one more, this becomes the second best. I am from Mississippi and we have the Neshoba County Fair every year. If you want to hear good political speeches, you should take a trip over there to hear inspiration.

Also, I heard that there were grown men crying over this speech. That is a damn lie.

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Skunkfeathers said...

Doesn't matter what Obama or Clinton say or lie about; they couldn't buy my vote.

Paul Mitchell said...

Oh, Skunky, you too are going to drink that Kool-Aid. It always happens to the best of us.

Two Dogs said...

Oh, Skunky, you too are going to drink that Kool-Aid. It always happens to the best of us.

Skunkfeathers said...

Doesn't matter what Obama or Clinton say or lie about; they couldn't buy my vote.